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Compatibility: Adobe Photoshop CS4 and above

  • Easily give your images an authentic 1950's illustrated photograph style
  • 1 Photoshop action that helps you quickly create an illustration style photo
  • 100% non-destructive and 100% customizable
  • Comes with easy to understand instructions
  • BONUS: 2 FREE Brushes from the Subtle Retro Print Texture Collection
"Here's how to give your images a 1950's style illustrated effect in Photoshop"

This illustrated photograph style is common in 1950's advertising. Characterized by high-contrast colors, a granular texture on the image, subtle halftones and print flecks. 

The way to do this used to be by using a variety of brushes and filter manually.

By combing filters, blending modes and brushes you can build up a really authentic illustrated photograph style. The only problem is that this can take hours.

Plus, there's no guarantee that it will even work.

The RetroSupply Photo-Baker Makes It Easy

The RetroSupply Photo-Baker is a single customizable action that you can use to give your images that classic illustrated photo look.
Simply click Play on the action and the Photo-Toaster will guide you through a series of pop-up sliders. The result is a great looking illustrated style image. 

Things not looking quite how you want? No problem. Everything is non-destructive and 100% customizable. Just adjust blending modes, opacity and double click on effects. Tweak to your hearts content. 
Watch the Demo Video Below

Here's what's included in the RetroSupply Photo-Baker Kit:

• 1 easy to use action that will help you create an illustration style photo fast. 
• Bonus Freebie: 2 new brushes from the Subtle Retro Print Texture Collection. 
• Easy to understand instructions.
• Coming Soon: Premium Photo-Toaster video tutorials

Don't wait. Grab the kit today!

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