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Get Black Inky Halftones Straight Out of a Repair Shop Parts Manual

SparkPrint gives your work a monotone print effect similar to that used on retro auto parts catalogues. It works best when used on part of a design (in the cover image above notice it's used on just the black areas). 

  • Simple action that gives your work a classic monotone halftone print style inspired by auto part catalogues, hardware stores, and 70s rock
  • 1 SparkPrint Premium Monotone action with built in instructions
  • 5 Curated Subtle SparkPrint Brushes ideal for rugged design
  • 5 Subtle Shop Brushes including sandpaper, subtle print and cardboard textures
  • 4 shop paper textures including chipboard, cardboard, folder and sandpaper
  • Halftone size is completely customizable and 100% non-destructive

Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4 and above

Hardware: 2.4ghz processor or higher

Memory: 16gb RAM or higher

Storage: 89.1 MB

The halftone size is customizable (and non-destructive) and I've included 9 subtle brushes to roughen up your work. Plus 4 paper textures!

When I was a kid my dad was always working out in the garage. He had a boat repair business. Many afternoons were spent with my dad working under a boat, the smell of resin in the air, fiberglass rolls on the ground, and Zepplin blasting from the radio.

The garage was packed with old boxes with every type of boat and car part imaginable. All these boxes had images and diagrams printed in black monotone ink. Instructions, product images and designs were all in black halftone (and stained with grease).

SparkPrint is a simple action that will give you that classic monotone haftone print style. Use if for design work inspired by auto part catalogues, hardware stores, and 70's rock.

What You Get:

• 1 SparkPrint Premium Monotone action (with instructions built into the action).
• 5 Curated Subtle SparkPrint Brushes - A curated collection of brushes ideal for rugged design.
• 5 Subtle Shop Brushes (includes sandpaper, subtle print and cardboard textures).
• 4 Shop Paper Textures (includes chipboard, cardboard, folder and sandpaper).
• Easy to use (and pretty cool looking) instructions.

*All brushes and textures in preview images are in the SparkPrint-Monotone Action Pack!

Grab the SparkPrint Premium Monotone action now!

Compatibility: Works with Adobe Photoshop CS4 and above.

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