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Love our popular TOOM font? Take your work further with Christopher Sperandio's Vintage Comics 4 Font Pack that includes Son of TOOM, Bride of TOOM, Werwolf, and DERAILED!

Each font in the pack is designed to expand your comic lettering capabilities. Let's break down each of the fonts.

Son of TOOM. The handmade, low-key riff on its namesake. Son of TOOM compliments the original TOOM with a lighter touch and a bit more lividity. 

Bride of TOOM. The meaty soulmate of TOOM. This font is excellent for headlines and brings emphasis and intensity to dialogue. 

Werwolf. Created from antique wood type purchased in Leipzig in 2019. The wood type was printed, cleaned up in Photoshop, and converted into a vintage comic font perfect for stories of horror, mystery, and strange occurrences.

DERAILED! The spiritual essence of dark Italian comics produced in Italy forty or fifty years ago. Called “Fumetti neri,” these comics were stark black and white and featured vampires, thieves, and killers. DERAILED! is best used like truffle oil — a little goes a long way.