Mid Century Print Pack

    • Includes 5 best-selling actions designed to help you achieve a realistic retro print effect
    • Comes with RetroMatic, PhotoBaker, SparkPrint, InkChamp, and the Blacksmith
    • This kit has all the vintage printing effects you need, such as ink starve, ink offset, halftones, and more
    • Get $25 off the regular price of all these products when you buy the Mid-Century Print Pack bundle

Like having a 1950's print shop in your computer! 

"RetroSupply packages are fantastic resources for adding authentic finishing touches to my projects."

The Mid Century Print Pack includes 5 best-selling actions. Each one is designed to help you achieve a realistic retro print effect. Using various combinations of the pack together you can get some amazing results! 

I've noticed that once someone purchases one of these items they tend to buy the others. Why? Because each one saves you a massive amount of time and money. Not to mention it makes your work look so authentically vintage that it's hard to tell if it's not the real thing.

Here's what you get:

Retro-Matic ($15)

100% customizable ink offset. You choose the color and distance.

Photo Baker ($15)

Give your photos that 1950's illustration/photo look.

SparkPrint ($15)

Your personal halftone factory! Turn anything into a halftone in seconds.

InkChamp ($15)

Get a subtle ink starve effect.

The Blacksmith ($15) 

Add a subtle (or crazy) roughened edge to your work.

This pack is by far the most popular item we offer (over 1500 designers have picked it up). Probably because it gives you just about every mid-century print effect in one box. Grab it now and put the classic retro effects you love on autopilot!

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