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Woodland Wonderland Brush Preview Sheet

by Dustin Lee April 29, 2016

Woodland Wonderland Brush Previews I wanted to post the Woodland Wonderland Brush Quick Reference Sheet so you could see all the brushes you're getting. You can check out all the brushes below.

You'll notice we've included how the brushes look with different amounts of pressure. Plus, we've included examples of how the brushes build up when applicable.

My apologies that the image can't be any bigger. If I was to post it at full size it would be over a MB on the page!

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A Sneak Peak at The Woodland Wonderland Brush Kit and Tutorial Pack

by Dustin Lee April 24, 2016

Woodland Wonderland - Photoshop Brush Tool Presets

Remember the classic Golden Book illustrations from your childhood? For anyone born in the past 50 years these books bring back warm memories.

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[TUTORIAL] You Know What? Let's Add a Robot.

by Dustin Lee April 21, 2016

Retro Robot Illustration Tutorial with Jordan Wong Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to check out the collaboration I did with RetroSupply. This all started when Fizzlestock was first released, back in December of 2015. I was browsing their collection and was drawn to the house illustrations. Now, if you know me and my work, I tend to add robots in everything. This case was no different.

However, this illustration is not just simply about sticking a robot in the background. There are some fun underlying themes and ideas, cultural juxtapositions playing with a distorted sense of time. Fizzlestock’s collection of classic American advertising illustrations embodies the past and showcases a vintage aesthetic.

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