The Top 5 Must-Have RetroSupply Products

The Top 5 Must-Have RetroSupply Products

I wanted to share with you the top 5 RetroSupply products that have been "game changers" for our customers.

This isn't just a list of our best-selling or newest products. These products have been chosen based on three unique criteria:

  1. Customers regularly tell us they can't live without these tools.
  2. They're versatile. You can use them in a variety of situations and get dynamite results.
  3. Each product has raving reviews. Scroll down to the bottom of any of our product pages and you'll see detailed reviews from verified customers.

Okay, without further ado. Here's the top 5 game-changing products:

1. Standard Issue Subtle Brushes

If you ever need to add subtle texture to your work you MUST buy this pack. These brushes give you that hard to achieve subtle distressed look you see in everything from kids books to concert posters.

Plus we've eliminated to very annoying problems most brushes have. First, they're huge high-resolution brushes (so you can use them on larger work). Second, there's no hard edges. So the brush doesn't just "cut off" like cheap or free brushes.

2. The Vector Brush Toolbox

The Vector Brush Toolbox by RetroSupply

Ever notice it's next to impossible to find good Adobe Illustrator brushes. Yeah, we did too.

That's why we made the ultimate collection of vector brushes. We've included200 unique brushes including halftones, ink pens, pencils, charcoal, watercolor , and chalk.

Each brush was made from source material we created at RetroSupply headquarters. Even better, when it was possible, we used actual samples from catalogs and artwork from the 1940s and '50s.

3. SuperGrain

SuperGrain by RetroSupply

Have you ever noticed how some designers get these amazing textures ink textures in their work?

SuperGrain gets you those kinds of inky textures. But even better it takes 99% of the work out of achieving the effect. You just drop your design in the template and click "Save".

Bam! Done. Grab yourself a cool one and take the rest of the day off.

4. Dragstrip by Glitschka Studios

Dragstrip by Von Glitschka

This incredible vector brush pack works like magic. It's made from Hake brushes and, man, does it deliver.

Honestly, it's no wonder. These brushes were created by Von Glitschka. Aside from being just about the nicest dude you'll ever meet he's a leader in the graphic design industry.

He wrote the best book on using Illustrator ever (the book will seriously change how you work in Illustrator forever).

This set is essential. Not only do you get fantastic brushes. You also get sample AI files of Von's work. So you can reverse engineer it and download his Illustrator skills into your brain.

5. SpaceRanger Brush and Tutorial Pack

This pack was just released a few weeks ago and it's a game changer for illustrators.

These brushes were inspired by children's books from the 1950s. The pack includes technical pencils, gritty form-filling brushes, and Conté brushes so realistic they'll bring a tear of joy to your eye.

Plus, you get a 3 part tutorial series from Brad Woodard that shows you exactly how he create the SpaceRanger illustration on the cover. That way, as soon as you buy the brushes you can immediately get to work playing with them!

Try any of these products on a trial basis. You risk nothing!

You might know about our famous RetroSupply Better-Than-Money-Back Guarantee. There's nothing like it in the industry. Why? Because some other shops that sell design goods know if they offered this everyone would return the products!

We're confident in our products. More importantly, it's our goal to help you. If you're not happy with a product we haven't done our job and we don't want your money.

So when you purchase any product it's on a 60-day trial basis. If for any reason you don't like it just email us. We'll promptly and courteously refund your money. No questions asked.