Customer Work: February 2024

Customer Work: February 2024

Every day we see inspiring art created with RetroSupply brushes and digital products on our Instagram feed. Here are a few killer pieces from graphic artists we found this February made using tools from RetroSupply.

Want a chance to have your work featured on the RetroSupply Instagram account? Tag us in your post, and let us know which products you used in your work!

Adam Grason

Adam is an illustrator and designer based out of Florida. You may recognize his work from our Gouache Shader brushes. Adam's Disney-inspired illustrations, like Cinderella's Castle below, have officially led him to work for the House of Mouse!

Ed Vill

You may have recognized Ed's work on our InkChamp Photoshop Printing Press Actions page or in his prolific work, which ranges from board games to band posters, like the poster below celebrating Green Day's newest album release.

Ed integrates many RetroSupply Co. products into his energetic, character-driven work, such as DupliTone and Paper Boy paper textures.

Van Ta

Better known as pdandthepinups on Instagram, Van is an illustrator, character designer, and comic artist whose work looks like it came from the 1950s. They've been a self-employed freelance artist since 2020, working for clients and making an impressive collection of boudoir-style pin-up art with ColorLab.

Miles Koldewyn

Artist and illustrator Miles Koldewyn is a pop culture enthusiast with work focusing primarily on the 1980s. Like this scene from The Breakfast Club made with ColorLab.

But you'll also find clever vintage takes on modern media, from Barbenheimer to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Miles' work is as comforting as hot buttered popcorn and a good movie.

Kathryn Balistreri

Balistreri is a graphic designer and illustrator who runs Wildkat Studio in Portland. This stunning fluorescent Risgraph print was made with RetroSupply Co. products for Procreate and printed by Outlet PDX.


Hailing from Uruguay, Jamba is a graphic designer and illustrator with seriously excellent work perfect for streetwear and tattoos. This "diabolic mirror cat" was an improvised tattoo design. Who's brave enough to get it?


Social media is full of inspiration and can help you better understand how to use tools you might already have. Many artists, like Adam Grason and Ed Vill, are happy to share their process with their audience so you can learn as you make some killer art yourself.

Do you have some awesome art to show us? Make sure that you're tagging us @retrosupply on Instagram so we can see what you make!

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