30 of the Best Free Retro and Vintage Textures

30 of the Best Free Retro and Vintage Textures

One of the fastest ways to apply an authentic aged look to your illustrations is through the use of quality retro and vintage textures. Whether you’re mocking up a concept for a client or working on a personal project, the right texture can quickly take your work to the next level.

However, finding the perfect old photo texture – or making one yourself – isn’t always an option when you’re short on time, so we’ve curated a list of the best free textures (both retro textures and vintage textures) for you to refer back to whenever you need to quickly add some depth or age to your designs.

All the free textures in this collection are available for personal use, and most are free for commercial use as well – just be sure to double-check the terms before applying them to your work.

Read on for our collection of the very best free retro and vintage textures that the internet has to offer…

01. Steal This Brush Pack

RetroSupply Co.

A collection of 7 of the most useful brushes for illustration, design, and retro textures you'll find anywhere. Includes an inker, pencil, halftones, grain, and other vintage textures to use in your work.

Plus, this pack has been made for your favorite software including Procreate, Photoshop, and Affinity.

You can get three of Timothy Swim’s 10-texture VHS overlay png pack for free on the Missouri-based creative’s Dribbble site – perfect for adding a retro, crackling effect to your illustrations.

03. Decay Grunge Textures

Diego Arriagada

Digital artist and designer Diego Arriagada brings us 18 grungy raster and vector based textures based on photographs. The set includes dry paint, cracks, dirt, cardboard, and moss among others. Arriagada has made these textures available under a Creative Commons 1.0 Universal license.

At 300 DPI and a minimum of 2400px on their longest sides, you'll love this collection of high-quality textures from graphic designer Jesse Nuñez. Includes disstress, grit and grain, grung plastic, ink and cloth, spray paint, and wrinkled paper textures in either PNG or JPG. Available for both personal and commercial projects.

Finding film grain textures that are actually useful can be difficult. That's why we're greatful that visual designer Arkadzi Ulitski stepped up to fill in a gap in the market. And for free! Get 10 super high res textures scanned from 35mm film. There are even some bonus ragged edges and light leaks integral to that vintage film look. Available for both personal and commercial projects.

Illustrator and graphic designer Matej Ilčík, AKA Guerillacraft, brings a taste of his massive 400 texture bundle Small Wonders. These fun, lightweight TIFF textures are great for working in Illustrator when you don't want to sacrifice quality for file size.

07. Retro Noise Textures

diego arriagada

A unique one for our list, Diego Arriagada returns to provide textures for your video and motion graphics projects with Retro Noise. Easy to use MP4 texture loops for 1080p, 2K, and 4K formats.

From design house Creative Veila comes a collection of stunning realistic fabric logo mockups for your proof of concept design projects. Available for both personal and commercial projects under Creative Veila's freebie license.

09. Natural Vector Textures

Autumn Hutchins

Illustrator and designer Autumn Hutchins created this collection of organic vector textures for her personal use. Eventually they were made available for sale and the creative community couldn't be luckier! Get a free sample of this 96 texture collection for your branding, presentation, illustration, and anything in between.

10. Tape PNG Shapes 2

pete cruzine

Graphic designer Pete Cruzine has his finger on the pulse of current design trends and shares with us a collection of 26 transparent tape shapes.

Indiground Design Inc. provides a collection of 5 high-res photocopy textures made from real scans of photocopies. Use them with anything that you want to "give that worn feeling and add a subtle depth to your artworks!" Available for personal and commercial use under Indiground's terms and conditions.

12. Bad Print Effects

Spoon graphics

Chris Spooner of Spoon Graphics has been around from many years and throughout that time he's put out thousands of high-quality illustration and design tools. Our pick is a Photoshop action to give you the finishing touch to your retro or vintage themed designs.

Art supply company Artifex Forge provides 10 free stamped ink layer styles for your illustrations and designs. Get the look of hand stamped prints with just a few clicks! Available for personal and commercial use.

Graphic Designer Alaa El. Aifa provides a popular design aesthetic with a free plastic wrap PSD. Use it in your product mockups, graphic design projects, and more!

Font and design house DealJumbo provides 25 transparent grungy and torn cardboard PNG shapes for your projects. Includes 12 brown and 14 white cardboard shapes so you can change the color or apply graphics for a variety of looks. Available as a PSD template and 2 high resolution PNG images.

16. Plastic Textures Vol. 1

alessandro silva

Created by visual artist and made available on Pixel Surplus, this collection of 7 high-quality plastic textures complements the mockup provided above for even more design options. Use in both your personal and commercial projects.

Designer Nasir Udin provides 3 tasteful retro inspired textures for your vector artwork. Available in EPS, AI, and PNG (so you can even use in in your raster work too!) Great for background images or adding character to "poster design, branding, and packaging as well."

18. Brushstrokes of Aquarelles

Rtextexp and jinsoku

Creators TextExp and Jinsoku teamed up to bring 10 high resolution watercolor and ink wash textures. At 300 DPI, you can use these textures for your print work without worrying about pixelation. Part of a larger 43 texture set that's only $7!

19. Foil Textures

the earthy forager

Loving the plastic textures, but looking for something a little more unique? The Earthy Forager provides two free high-quality foil textures that you can use in your personal and commercial projects.

Available in AI, PNG, and PSD this collection of 8 free marble textures and paper overlays is sure to make its way into your design arsenal in one way or another. Great for backgrounds in your social media posts, packaging, stationery and more! Available for both personal and commercial projects under Graphic Goods' free license.

Self-described "trash designer" Sick Again has their finger on the pulse of Y2K design aesthetics. Harness the power of nostalgia with this collection of 7 textures and 1 premade design. Great for graphic designers and illustrators wanting to break into album cover design.

There's nothing more satisfying that taking a design you've spent hours on and absolutely beating the crap out of it. That's why we're thankful that MiksKs is providing this Smart PSD template to easily grunge up your text and design.

23. Seamless Dot Patterns

spoon graphics

Easily add interesting texture to your shapes or use as a background for your website or social media posts with this collection of 8 seamless dot pattersn from Spoon Graphics. Available in AI, EPS, PNG, and a Photoshop PAT library for your convenience.

Fully editable and available in AI, EPS, PSD, and PNG files. This collection of 15 canvas textures would be perfect for everything from craft projects, to art prints, product design and more.

Another unique texture from Roberto Perrino's Indieground. Made from photographs of real plastic bubblewrap, you can use these textures in your design, photography, illustration, and video projects.

Add a splash of color to your designs and illustrations with a collection of 12 high-rex paint textures from Deal Jumbo. Includes 10 transparent PNGs and 2 background JPG textures.

Graphic designer TextExp provides 10 of a total of 50 experimental paper textures. Using everything from acetone to candles to grunge and destroy, you'll love the unique effect it gives your work. And at 1200PPI they're perfect for even large print jobs.

It never hurts to have a little bit of everything. Studio 2am provides just that with an assortment of 25 high-resolution paper, plastic, and tape textures from their full size Texture Collection. Great for mockups, designs, illustrations, and more. Available for personal-use.

When you want your work to have a classic, tasteful design it's hard to compete with precious metals. Great for product design mockups, social media posts, and more.

Great for logo mockups, design projects, and more, this collection of 20 high-res photographic textures will sure to wow you. Available as both JPEG/PNG files and a set of Photoshop brushes for even more creative options.

Conclusion: Free Retro and Vintage Textures

That wraps it up for our collection of retro and vintage inspired textures for your illustration and design work.

Between the grunge textures, film textures, grain textures, and other tasty elements to add to your work you should have an arsenal to last for years!

For more retro and vintage textures for your work be sure to checkout RetroSupply's huge collection of textures, brushes, and other digital tools for your illustration and design work.