Our Top 10 Retro Photoshop Texture Picks

Our Top 10 Retro Photoshop Texture Picks

If you’re new to digital art, you may be curious about what texture is. In its simplest term, a texture is a layer added to a digital photo or drawing to create a specific look, whether that be wood, paper, distressing, or paint-like effects.

If you’re not new to the game and simply looking for the best Photoshop Textures, you’ve come to the right place!

We take pride in creating some of the best textures for Photoshop that are not only ridiculously easy to use but come straight from the vintage ephemera. Textures you otherwise would have had a tough time mimicking.

Without further ado (and in no particular order), here are our 10 best Photoshop textures you can download and start using today.

Our 10 Best Textures for Photoshop

01. Phantom Paper

RetroSupply Co.

Perfectly seamless and made from truly vintage paper textures from the personal collection of the RetroSupply Co. team, this collection of 21 paper textures is sure to be your new best friend. Other paper textures are made from stock photos, or lack the authenticity and subtle patina of vintage ephemera. Our collection of deadstock paper textures can't be found anywhere else.

Make them any size that you need without worrying about obvious repeats or quality loss. Excellent for any size and any project.

Adding old-school halftones to your digital illustrations has never been more rewarding than with the DupliTone Halftone Brushes. For 29 buckaroos, you'll get an all-access pass to the market's most authentic halftone brush kit. These brushes are jam-packed with classic halftones for building texture, shading, and pressure-sensitive halftone shaders. Plus, like most of our Photoshop Brushes, you'll also get video tutorials, easy instructions, and access to our support library.

Let’s get ready to rumble!!! If you’ve ever wanted to kick the living crap out of your work, this is your moment. Stuffed with 25 gloriously distressed texture brushes, the Edge & Fold Distressor Texture Pack for Photoshop will have you feeling victorious on all future doodles with the water stains and smashed edges you vividly remember leaving on your own childhood mags.

04. Paper Boy

RetroSupply Co.

“HURM...could it be? A comic book texture pack designed to give me the exact looks I wish to achieve?” Yep, it is.

With the Paper Boy Comic Book Paper Textures, you’ll get eight classic comic book paper textures you loved as a kid. Instantly downloadable, you can start using any texture as soon as you buy it. And since it comes with a four-step PDF instruction guide, you’ll be a comic book texture pro faster than Flash can travel through dimensions.

Like a morning at the flea market, the Lo-Fi Subtle Grain & Noise Brushes are full of surprises. From the classic paper and inky textures to 12 fascinating lo-fi experimental brushes for adding the most perfect imperfections in all the right places, these are some of the best textures for Photoshop you won’t want to share with anyone else; and since you’re a mature adult, you don’t have to!

06. Office Supplies

RetroSupply Co.

While not exclusively for Photoshop, these easy-as-pie, drag-and-drop resources are your ticket to realistic clips, tape, ink splotches, and more. Made from real vintage ephemera collected from all over the country. Office Supplies will instantly bring authenticity to your designs. And there's no need to worry about weird artifacts or pixelation. These are expertly curated and high resolution, so you'll always have the right tool for the job.

07. photocopy hate machince

RetroSupply Co.

Looking to seriously grunge up your artwork? Look no further than Photocopy Hate Machine, the ultimate love letter to all things gritty, grungy, and garage. Recreate the good-old-days of making zines and band flyers by hand at the local copy shop; no sticky fingers or toner stains needed!


  • 55 handmade photocopy textures
  • 75 authentic high-resolution PSD brushes
  • 1 large format Smart PSD

It's easier than ever to get great photocopy textures at a price that'll make you think you took a time machine back to the 90s.

08. Gouache Shader Brushes

RetroSupply Co.

If you’re after the best Photoshop texture pack to add crazy amounts of detail to your work in as little time as possible, the Gouache Shader Brushes for Photoshop can lend a helping hand. Aside from their rich effects and 68 incredible gouache-inspired brushes, this pack is perfect for Illustrators who need to scale their work to different sizes.

09. Turbo Textures

RetroSupply Co.

Got five seconds to spare? Then Turbo Textures Brush Kit for Photoshop is for you! No, we’re not being dramatic, this is the best Photoshop texture pack for doing it all and doing it fast. With it, you’ll get 40 inky, spongy, grainy, grungry, and subtle turbo texture brushes, reference and tip sheets for quickly getting up to speed on new techniques.

10. Matchbook print machine

RetroSupply Co.

Capture the look of vintage matchbook art with RetroSupply’s Matchbook Print Machine Textures for Photoshop! From the six different ink printing effects to the 100% customizable settings and real paper textures, you’ll have a hard time believing such realistic matchbook art was created on a digital medium, and at $19, you’ll be foolish not to at least try it out just for the hell of it!


Your art isn't one-size-fits all and the textures that you use don't need to be either. Our favorite textures are designed to be used for just about any artist or designer under the sun. All at an affordable price!

What are your thoughts? Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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