Our Top 10 Favorite Photoshop Brushes

Our Top 10 Favorite Photoshop Brushes

Have you ever looked at another Illustrator’s work and wondered, “how the hell did they do that?” Well, a lot of the time, it’s through time-consuming, labor-intensive *secret* processes they’re not willing to share with the world because that’s their creative advantage.

Not to fret! With RetroSupply’s Photoshop Brushes and Photoshop Textures, you’ll have a few secret tricks of your own to create original works of art.

Our top 10 Photoshop brush packs were created using authentic vintage prints and an unhealthy obsession with bringing mid-century analog art to the digital world.

Are you using programs other than Adobe Photoshop? Be sure to check out all of our brush packs for Procreate, Illustrator, and Affinity.

It doesn’t get much better than this. The Complete Collection for Photoshop gives you instant access to not only the best photoshop brushes (including pencil, pen, texture, and paintbrush photoshop brushes) but all of the photoshop brushes we’ve ever made, and at more than 50% off the original price!

In addition to brushes, you’ll get our templates, filters, actions, free updates, and a member’s only code for 30% off every future Photoshop product we drop. What more could you want?

02. Duplitone

RetroSupply Co.

For the first time anywhere, effortlessly adding old-school halftones to your vintage-inspired illustration and design work is possible with RetroSupply’s DupliTone Halftone Shading System. For $29, you’ll get instant access to the official halftone shading system of professional Illustrators, including dozens of DupliTone standard and shader brushes and free extras.

Plus, we’ve included two video tutorials to help you become a DupliTone pro fast. Each video is just a few minutes so, you’ll be up and running in less than 10 minutes.

P.S. Did we mention DupliTone is fully compatible with ColorLab? So it's easier than ever to create a massive range of full-color halftones just like old comics.

With authentic vintage halftones and archival textures from classic comic books, magazines, and prints, ColorLab for Photoshop makes it stupidly simple to add retro archival comic effects to your work.

With this easy-to-use pack, you’ll enjoy four-color halftone effects with the accuracy of analog printing, including traditional screen angles, ink bleeds, gritty imperfections, and non-destructive texturing not found in any other halftone or comic kit on the market.

Made with real Risograph textures for the most authentic set of brushes on the market! The Risograph Brush & Texture Kit faithfully recreates the unique look and charm of the popular printmaking method. Includes a full 10-90% opacity range with natural offset and even print defect brushes! But that's not all. Get accurate Risograph ink color palettes, specially curated for region-specific color palettes modeled after real Riso print houses around the world.

You won't find a more comprehensive and realistic set of Riso brushes anywhere else!

05. Woodland Wonderland

RetroSupply Co.

If you want a truly diverse set of Photoshop brushes inspired by natural media, the Woodland Woodland Brush & Tutorial Pack is it. Alongside Illustrator Brad Woodard of Brave the Woods, we’ve worked hard to create brushes that replicate the look of Golden Books illustrations. We have to say; these are as good as it gets.

With this pack, you’ll get 31 pressure-sensitive natural media-inspired gouache and watercolor paint brushes, photoshop pens, pencils, form builders, textures, and more!

To sweeten the deal, Brad created four in-depth tutorials walking you through the drawing process. From setting the scene to adding those final details for a finished product.

Meet the Lo-Fi Subtle Grain & Noise Brushes for Photoshop, your new best-kept secret for adding warm analog grain and noise textures to your work. Maybe it’s the mothball inhalation or the fact that this pack was carefully curated using our absolute favorite attic, flea market, and garage sale finds. But this is one of our favorite brush packs for effortlessly adding classic paper and ink textures for a final product that’ll have you saying, “that was easy!”

07. Edge & Fold Distressor

RetroSupply Co.

It’s time to get rough and rowdy with our #7 favorite grunge brush Photoshop pack, the Edge & Fold Distressors! With this grunge brush Photoshop pack, you’ll get 25 ultra-distressed Photoshop texture brushes that have been completely pulverized for your benefit.

You’ll love how easy it is to add gloriously smashed edges, paper cracks, and water stains to your work, taking you back to the good ol’ days with your most beloved comic books. If you haven’t noticed yet, we’re all about nostalgia.

08. Standard Pencils

RetroSupply Co.

The Standard Pencil Pack for Photoshop will have you screaming “YABBA-DABBA-DOO!” As you create ultra-realistic analog sketches and add finishing touches to your drawings.

We’ve covered all the bases with this standard pack, giving you the best pencils available for your digital toolbox. The pencil brush pack includes sharp, dull, hard, aged, and soft graphite-inspired pencils.

Whether you’re an amateur Illustrator or running with the best of ‘em, this pencil pack is a must-have everyone should have in their arsenal of drawing tools.

09. Standard Pens

RetroSupply Co.

Around here, we’re big fans of easy-to-use products that can really pack a punch.

The Standard Pens for Photoshop is one of our favorite (and best) Photoshop brushes. It’s filled with 11 of the best Photoshop brushes anyone of any illustrating background can use for every project. Whether you’re looking for your new trusty sidekick to use in all of your work or simply need a great pen once in a while, this pack has you covered.

10. Industry Press

RetroSupply Co.

If achieving convincing 1870s engraving-inspired lines, crosshatching shading, and design to your work is the goal, the Industry Press Brush Pack for Photoshop is the pack for the job.

This five-star brush pack makes it easy to add those classic lines and textures with little to no learning curve involved. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. You’ll have to see for yourself!


What’s your favorite brush pack from RetroSupply? Be sure to let us know in the comments below! Stay in the know with our tips, tutorials, and advice on choosing the best photoshop brushes to make your future digital art dreams come true, all available at the RetroSupply Blog!

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