DupliTone: Illustrator Swatch Demo

DupliTone: Illustrator Swatch Demo

New to halftones, Illustraor, or both? Have you heard about our best selling DupliTone halftone kit and wonder what it's all about? We've got you covered!

Watch below our quick demonstration of DupliTone Halftone Swatches for Illustrator. We'll color in this quirky cat illustration in our dot and line halftones in two colors.

Can't Watch the Video? Here's what you missed

  1. Lock your linework layer. Create a new layer for your blue halftones.
  2. Double click the swatch you want to recolor. Select all the elements within the swatch box. Choose your color and click Save as Copy. Click done.
  3. Select the Blob Brush Tool and begin painting in the halftones.
  4. Repeat the recoloring process for every halftone you want to use.
  5. Select the newly colored halftone and continue to paint with the Blob Brush. Make sure to select the halftone as your stroke color, not your fill color.
  6. Continue to paint your blue halftones. You will notice the halftones line up perfectly with one another when layered.
  7. Lock your blue halftone layer. Create a new layer for your red halftones.
  8. Repeat the recoloring process for your red halftones.
  9. Begin painting in your red halftones with the Blob Brush. Make sure this layer is behind your blue layer.
  10. Use a combination of halftone dots and lines to add variety to your textures. The halftones can be layered if you want to shade an area with a different halftone.
  11. Select all of the halftones in your red halftone layer. Move them over slightly to create an offset.


DupliTone halftone brushes make it easy to add authentic halftones and shading that look like they came straight off a 1950s printing press.

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