[Infographic] How to Create Retro Characters

[Infographic] How to Create Retro Characters

Raises your hand if you've ever fallen victim to attempting to make a retro style character illustration and something just didn't look right.

When you've finished your work in Illustrator you notice it just feels a little too polished. For lack of a better word, everything just seems too sterilized and clean.

Well, there's good news: are good friend Rocky Roark specializes in creating great looking retro inspired illustrations. And we've put together a few of his best secrets in this handy infographic. We've also got another vector brush tutorial from him right here

Crack open Illustrator, grab some vector brushes, and we'll walk though how to get great looking vector brush effects in your next retro character illustration. Ready? Let's dive in.

How to Create Retro Characters in Adobe Illustrator