How to Use Halftone Brushes and Swatches in Procreate

How to Use Halftone Brushes and Swatches in Procreate

Wondering how to use one of our halftone brushes and swatches in Procreate now that you have them? We're here to help!

Follow the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to use halftones in Procreate. We'll be using our ColorLab Comic Color Kit.

Can't Watch the Video? Here's what you missed

  1. Color your Yellow layer with the yellow brushes and yellow swatch.
    1. Select the Yellow layer.
    2. Open the swatch palette menu in the color panel. Choose Yellow.
    3. Open the brushes in the brush panel. Choose a yellow brush.
    4. Color your yellow areas. Don't be afraid to color outside of your lines or be loose!
  2. Color your Red layer with the red brushes and red swatch. Repeat steps A through D above to achieve this.
  3. Color your Blue layer with the blue brushes and blue swatch. Repeat steps A through D above to achieve this.

Want to make some awesome art?

Follow the Three ColorLab Commandments.

Commandment one: Use the same halftone size for all colors.

  1. Open the brush panel.
  2. Click on the brush.
  3. Toggle to Grain.
  4. Type in your desired size percentage.
  5. Make sure all your other brushes are sized to the same percentage.

Commandment two: Do not mix and match brushes and swatches

  1. Only use the yellow swatch with the yellow brushes
  2. Only use the red swatch with the red brushes
  3. Only use the blue swatch with the blue brushes.

Commandment three: Reference the color chart when in doubt

Need help picking color combos? Check out the ColorLab Color Chart. You can match the code to the brushes to figure out which you brushes need to make the color you want.


And that's it! Remember, when in doubt, use the Color Chart, and don't be afraid to reference this video or the ColorLab user guide for help!

Create in color

The ColorLab Comic Color Kit, halftone brushes that make it easy to add authentic color and shading that look like they came straight off the presses. Get it today and present your work in glorious technicolor!

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