Risograph Print Pack for Affinity

Risograph Print Pack for Affinity

With the Risograph Print Pack Template, you can you can create beautiful recreations of traditional Risograph print in seconds.

Transform your illustrations quickly with our easy to use Affinity template. Choose from a range of customizable textures to create your ideal digital artwork. Mock-up your designs to go to the Risograph printer for no suprises or headaches.

Follow along as we demonstrate how to bring iconic Risograph textures to your digital artwork.

Can't Watch the Video? Here's What You missed:

  1. Separate your artwork by color.
  2. Open the template. Expand the folder titled Add Artwork + Apply Riso Texture. Expand the Color folders. Copy and paste your artwork color layers into the template. Repeat for all color layers.
  3. Set your color layer blending modes to Multiply.
  4. Expand the folder titled RSCO Risograph Texture Bank. Drag these layers above your color layers and turn on their visibilty to activate them. If you need to use the same texture on separate layers, simply duplicate the layer and drag it into the other color folder.
  5. Expand the folder titled Paper Texture + Color. Select the fill layer called Select to Choose Paper Color. Choose your color from the color picker.
  6. The paper texture layer and the Riso texture layers can be rescaled and moved around. Select the Risograph texture layers and use the Move Tool to rescale and move those textures.
  7. You can resize your canvas to any size you need. The paper texture will resize automatically to fit your new canvas size.

A Print Shop in Your Computer

Create the authentic look of Risograph prints quickly and easily with our extensive range of Risograph actions, templates, and more.

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