The Essential Photoshop Brush Bundle

All of Our Most Popular Brushes for Photoshop

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10 of our best-selling Photoshop brush packs in one killer bundle! Get our famous DupliTone Halftone Brushes, Woodland Wonderland Brush & Tutorial Pack, Mr. Marker, Standard Pens, Edge & Fold Distressor Brushes Vol. 1, Lo-Fi Subtle Noise Brushes, SpaceRanger, IndustryPress, Turbo Textures, and Analog Ink Foundry.

  • 10 best-selling Photoshop brush packs.
  • 300+ professional brushes, including clean and gritty halftones, gouache, markers, inkers, engravers, charcoal pencils, and more.
  • Includes quick and easy instructions and brush reference sheet.
  • Save $171

Here's what you get:

DupliTone Halftone Brushes ($29)

The only halftone brush pack you'll ever need. 108 dot and line halftones brushes designed to layer perfectly. Use them to add quick halftone textures or go all out and create seamless nuanced shading. You have to see them to believe them!

Woodland Wonderland Brush & Tutorial Pack ($29)

The Woodland Wonderland Brush & Tutorial pack includes 31 diverse natural media inspired brushes perfect for illustration work and inspired by retro Golden Book style illustrations. You'll also get 4 in-depth tutorials by Brad Woodard and a PSD file that you can reverse engineer to uncover Brad's illustration secrets.

Mr. Marker ($19)

15 unique markers designed to emulate the look of well-worn and loved student-grade markers. Includes fine-tuned touches you'll love like streaky lines, low ink, smashed tips, and quirky color buildups.

Standard Pen Pack ($19)

This set of 11 custom inking brushes for Photoshop includes 11 brushes inspired by vintage comic books. Whether you're a professional illustrator looking for a reliable pack of inking brushes or just need them occasionally in graphic design work — these brushes have you covered.

Edge & Fold Distressor Brushes for Photoshop ($19)

Finally, you can beat the living god out of your work with this collection of 25 edge and fold brushes for Photoshop. Includes edge distressors, paper folds, paper cracks, scuffs, and stains.

Lo-Fi Subtle Grain and Noises Brushes for Photoshop ($19)

Lo-Fi Grain & Noise Brushes know what they are (and just as importantly, what they're not). No fancy effects or bonuses here. Just gorgeous gradation and subtle variation in tone. Perfect for shading or texture work.

SpaceRanger Brush Kit & Tutorial Pack ($29)

Create authentic mid-century inspired illustrations with these 20 Photoshop brush presets which include technical pencils, form builders, standard pencils, conté crayon, print textures, and more. This pack comes with 3 step-by-step tutorial videos by Brad Woodard.

IndustryPress ($19)

IndustryPress is a set of Photoshop tool presets that allow you to get intricate engraved line work from the late 19th century with ease. Just select the preset and start swiping on your canvas. You'll be amazed how effortless it is to add this engraved line work.

Turbo Textures Brush Kit and Extras ($19)

27 brush presets and 13 classic brushes including subtle ink textures, sponges, grungy grain, screen pull errors and more. You'll also get a quick reference sheet to quickly see how each brush looks and a tip sheet with our favorite techniques for using the brushes.

Analog Ink Foundry | Vintage & Grunge Photoshop Brushes, Texture & Templates ($19)

This is the closest thing to actually inking up your work in real life! This pack as 11 ink roller smart brushes that you drag like real ink rollers and 8 classic ink roller brushes. Plus, you'll get the self inking Analog Ink Smart PSD and the Analog Ink Smart PSD with built in textures.

Software: Adobe Photoshop CC and above

Hardware: 2.4ghz processor or higher

Memory: 16gb RAM or higher

Storage: 4.8 GB (Files Downloaded Separately)