VectorSketch | Charcoal Pencils for Adobe Illustrator

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Compatibility: Adobe Illustrator CS4 and above

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Pressure Sensitive pencil and charcoal Adobe Illustrator brushes perfect for creating a hand-drawn look. These Illustrator brushes were made from real pencil and charcoal samples carefully digitized.

  • 40 historically inspired charcoal pencil brushes
  • All brushes are pressure sensitive
  • Beautiful AI file reference sheet with samples of each brush (so nice looking you'll want to print it and pin it on your wall)
  • Includes soft charcoal pencils, compress charcoal, carpenter pencils, willow sticks and #2 pencils
  • Compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS4 and above

Finally, Charcoal Brushes for Illustrator!

Traditionally, if you want to create authentic charcoal and pencil effects digitally, it happens it Photoshop.

The only problem is then your stuck with artwork that's hard to resize. Or worst yet, you send it to the printers, and you get back fuzzy (or pixelated) work!

Blech! Embarassing and annoying!

That's why we created VectorSketch. It's a deluxe package of 40 pressure sensitive charcoal and graphite based brushes.

Now you can stay in your safe place and do all your work in Illustrator. And of course, get beautifully scalable results.

Here's exactly what you'll receive when you click the Buy Now Button:

  • 10 pressure sensitive compressed charcoal sticks
  • 10 pressure sensitive willow sticks
  • 10 pressure sensitive carpenter pencils
  • 10 pressure sensitive No. 2 Pencils (just like you poked yourself with in grade school and wondered if you got lead poisoning)

If you were to buy all these supplies, create hundreds of samples, vectorize, clean and minimize points and package them as beautifully as we did you could easily spend over $400 (including the cost of supplies and the dozens of hours it took to make).

Luckily you don't have to do that! We've done all the work and created a set that will hold a place of honor among your Illustrator brushes for just $19! 

Yep, $19. Less than the price to get a pizza delivered!

Click the Add to Cart button and get your copy of VectorSketch now!

VectorSketch | Charcoal Pencils for Adobe Illustrator has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 43 reviews.

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