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Looking for a way to make your digital art stand out from the crowd?

At RetroSupply, we're obsessed with creating Adobe Photoshop brushes that take your work to the next level. Our small team of full-time creatives create, test, and perfect our Photoshop brushes so they look and act like your favorite traditional analog medium so you can achieve the style you've been going for.

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CREATE TEXTURED IMAGES with the woodland wonderland brush set

Pro designer Brad Woodard explains how to quickly create a heavily textured retro illustration in Photoshop by harnessing the power of RetroSupply brushes.

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how to make a coney island steeplechase poster in photoshop

Learn how to create a Coney Island Steeplechase poster with authentic halftones in Photoshop.

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Learn the secrets of simulating vintage artwork in this three-part series. A must-read for digital artists, illustrators, comic book creators, and print designers looking to bring retro touches to their work.

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RetroSupply Photoshop Brushes

Looking for a way to make your digital art stand out from the crowd without breaking the bank? Then you’ve come to the right place.

At RetroSupply, we’re obsessed with creating Adobe Photoshop Brushes, Photoshop Templates, Photoshop Actions, and Photoshop Textures that take your work to the next level. Our other obsession is making them stupidly simple to use with included tutorials, references, and instruction sheets included in most Photoshop Bundles and brushes.


Some people collect coins. We collect retro artifacts to make our Photoshop textures and brushes.

A 1970s Gold Key comic book, the Match Corporation of America salesman's book, a woodblock alphabet with only 19 letters, a box of old Greyhound bus tickets, gouache paintings from an estate sale.

This is the raw material for our Photoshop brushes. Each brush is carefully hand-crafted and tested by professional illustrators and designers to ensure you can simulate retro effects you love in your work.

Do we have to make them this way? Nope. But we like knowing that a little bit of design history lives on in digital work.


Many of the Photoshop brushes, textures, and fonts we make have interesting stories (well, interesting if you're a nerd for retro stuff)!

For example, the Photoshop halftone brushes used to make our ColorLab Retro Comic Bundle were made from collecting dozens of old comics and catalogs. One 1956 Army Surplus catalog cost us $200 in a brutal eBay bidding war.

Is that catalog worth that much? To us it is! We got some tasty halftone dots unlike anything we've ever seen. And when we see illustrators use these nostalgia-packed Photoshop brushes in their work, we feel like it's a little bit of magic being put back into the world.


From the Complete Collection for Photoshop to powerful single Photoshop brush packs like our ColorLab comic formula brushes, we’re pretty confident we’ve got a pack or two of Adobe Photoshop Brushes that’ll make you blush. For instance, our DupliTone for Photoshop is not only a killer collection of halftone brushes for Photoshop, it’s the official halftone shading system of professional illustrators. Pretty cool, right?

And check this out!

We team up with super famous Illustrators like Brad Woodard to create gouache, watercolor, and natural media-inspired paint brush Photoshop brush packs like the Woodland Wonderland Photoshop Brush Pack so you can replicate those classic Golden Books illustrations you loved so much as a kid. Not to mention, our Broken Inkers Ink Brush Photoshop Set is pretty much the first and only time a broken pen has actually been helpful in creating seriously awesome art.

We didn’t stop there, either.

If you’ve been searching for digital tools to get a whole lotta grimey, gunky, junky goodness in one place, our grunge Photoshop brush pack is surely a sight for sore eyes. Behold the Edge & Fold Distressor Photoshop Brushes! With this nasty little pack, you’ll get the best water stains, paper scuffs, cracks, folds, and distressing you could want, sans the dirty work.

When it comes to delivering Photoshop brushes full of life and flair, no one does it like RetroSupply. NOBODY! Check out our whole lineup of awesome Adobe Photoshop brushes today and give your work the competitive edge it’s been begging for!