The Essential Affinity Designer Brush Bundle

All of Our Essential Brushes for Affinity Designer

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10 of our best-selling Affinity brush packs in one killer bundle! Get our famous DupliTone Halftone Brushes, Gouache Shader Brushes, Grave Etcher Engraving Brushes, Mr. Marker, Edge & Fold Distressor Brushes Vol. 1, DryGoods Chalk Brushes, VectorSketch, RetroGrain, The Woodcut Brush Kit, and Turbo Textures Brush Kit.

  • 10 best-selling Affinity brush packs.
  • 300+ professional brushes, including clean and gritty halftones, gouache, markers, inkers, engravers, charcoal pencils, and more.
  • Includes quick and easy instructions and brush reference sheet.
  • Save $161

Here's what you get:

DupliTone Halftone Brushes ($29)

The only halftone brush pack you'll ever need. 108 dot and line halftones brushes designed to layer perfectly. Use them to add quick halftone textures or go all out and create seamless nuanced shading. You have to see them to believe them!

Gouache Shader Brushes ($19)

Create lush gouache style illustrations with this Affinity brush pack! It includes 10 liner brushes, 20 360° gouache shader brushes for adding depth to your work and giving you the ability to mask the brush how you want and 20 gouache edge shader brushes that allow you to apply gouache textures to edges without the need for a mask.

Grave Etcher | Vector Engraving Brushes ($29) 

188 realistic engraving brushes for every engraving illustration situation you can dream of. Includes multi-line and single line brushes and extra short, short, medium, and long versions. 

Mr. Marker ($19)

15 unique markers designed to emulate the look of well-worn and loved student-grade markers. Includes fine-tuned touches you'll love like streaky lines, low ink, smashed tips, and quirky color buildups.

Edge & Fold Distressor Brushes Vol. 1 ($19)

Finally, you can beat the living god out of your work with this collection of 25 edge and fold brushes for Photoshop. Includes edge distressors, paper folds, paper cracks, scuffs, and stains.

Drygoods: Chalk Brushes ($19)

23 ultra-realistic chalk brushes, inspired by chalkboard art and sandwich board signs from the '30s. 

VectorSketch: Charcoal Pencils ($19)

40 deluxe pencil and charcoal brushes to achieve the impossible: realistic pencil strokes in Affinity drawing persona. 

RetroGrain: brush and sponge textures ($19)

32 sponge and ink scatter brushes – crafted from real acrylic and ink textures – that make it easy to recreate the textures of mid-century children's books.

The Woodcut Brush Kit ($19) 

Give your illustrations realistic woodcut, block print, and linocut effects with this collection of 32 woodcut brushes for Affinity Designer drawing persona and 24 ink texture brushes for adding finishing touches in Affinity Designer pixel persona.

Turbo Textures Brush Kit and Extras ($19)

27 brushes and 13 classic brushes including subtle ink textures, sponges, grungy grain, screen pull errors and more. You'll also get a quick reference sheet to quickly see how each brush looks and a tip sheet with our favorite techniques for using the brushes.


Software: Affinity Designer

Hardware: 2.4ghz processor or higher

Memory: 16gb RAM or higher

Storage: 6.4 GB (Files Downloaded Separately)