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Palm Canyon Drive

Palm Canyon Drive is inspired by mid-century Southern California. Particularly, the signage you would see in the Palm Canyon in Orange County. Grab the commercial version for three weights and tons of bonus glyphs.

Premium Grunge Textures

These textures are a great way to add a final touch to your work. Photographed in urban locations around Portland, Oregon.

Just place them on top of your work and set the blending mode. Works hard so you don't have to! Check our our premium texture packs here.

Texture Boy Brushes

Made for illustrators. These presure sensitive Brush Presets work great with tablets. Quickly add roughened edges and texture to your work in Photoshop. Like this freebie? Check out our collection of premium retro brushes for Photoshop.

Concrete TExtures

10 essential concrete textures in high-resolution raster, vector, and bitmap format. Made in the RetroSupply studio with our trust Canon 50D and Sigma 18-35mm lens. Click here to get a commercial license for this pack.

Greasy Spoon Font

A few years ago I attended the Creative South conference for the first time. Having spent my entire life on the West Coast the South was something I had never experienced. This free font was inspired by my first trip to the South. Click here to check out our full collection of premium fonts.


I'm going to shoot straight with you here. This product doesn't have a lot of uses. But it's crazy fun to use!

Just place any of the plastic textures on top of your work and set your Blending Mode to Screen. Magically it looks like your design is wrapped in plastic wrap!

Washington Grit & Grain

This pack was created from textures photographed in historical grain mills in Central Washington. These textures have been processed to black, grays, and whites so they can easily be used with Blending Modes, Channels, and Layer Masks. Want an even easier way to add texture to your work? Check out our Smart PSD packs.

Edge & Fold DIstressor

One of the best ways to add authentic touches to your work is at the edges. By creating slightly rigid, distressed edges your work loses the coldness of digital work and gains a bit of soul. Here's a tutorial that you can follow on how to best use the brushes.

1950 Color Catalog

Want to bring a true mid-century touch to your work. Here's a simple secret; use colors consistent with the era. This color catalog and swatches will give your work an American 1950s feel.

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