The Authentic Screen Printing Toolkit Sample Texture

Get analog paper textures in your work with ease with this free texture. Best of all, it works great in Adobe Illustrator — just check out the tutorial video below! Grab the complete Authentic Screen Printing Toolkit here.

Screen Printing Sample Texture

Destroy those pixel perfect designs in Adobe Illustrator with this FREE texture.

Here's how to use this texture in your work.

  1. Download the FREE texture using the button below.
  2. Place the texture on top of your work in Adobe Illustrator (File > Place).
  3. Select the Eyedropper Tool and choose a color from your work. The texture will take on the color you choose. Often the background color is used.

Finally, Everything You Need to Bring Great Screen Print Textures to Your Work

Buy The Complete Pack

Grab the Authentic Screen Printing Toolkit you'll get a library of textures, templates, and guides that gives you everything you need to create fresh looks for each new piece you make.

Work great for screen printing work or just emulating the look in your digital work.

Here's everything you're going to get:

  • 63 lightweight full page textures (transparent grayscale PNG).
  • 15 lightweight edge textures (transparent grayscale PNG).
  • 9 gritty vector stamp brushes.
  • Hey Monkey Design Illustration Pack (.ai files).
  • Print-ready shirt and poster template.
  • Flatstock and textile work orders.
  • Easy to understand instructions for everything. Become an Adobe Illustrator texture master fast.