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A collection of our 5 transparent textured fonts made from salvaged wood type letters. We created the fonts by making physical prints from the wood type letters, scanning the prints, and then digitizing.

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Here's what's included:


The classiest typeface you've ever laid eyes on! We created this tribute to Bodoni from a set of authentic wood type prints — this is your chance to own a piece of typography history.

Get ready to be amazed by the classic design and increased stroke contrast of this unique font. With an elegant, vertical axis and updated printing technologies, you'll see why some have called it one of the most beautiful typefaces around. We dare you not to swoon!


If you're looking for type that oozes classic sophistication with a modern, witty twist, look no further than RSCO's Caslon Wood Type Font!

With this classic 18th-century font, you can easily pull off a refined feel without being too serious. 

Incorporate these regal yet fun letterforms into any headline and stand out from the crowd. With its charmingly imperfect finish and warmth abound, you'll be sure to welcome readers into your copy quickly.


A bold, modern twist on the classic beauty of a timeless design. Our special edition font forgoes all the stale and unexciting digital typefaces you've grown accustomed to and transports you back to the sixteenth-century Paris of Claude Garamond.

Using the original prints as a base, we've taken it up a notch and created a wood type font with blocky strokes of ink and endearing imperfections. It still retains all the sophistication that comes with its Parisian origin story, but livens it up with quirks that will set your work apart from everyone else's.

Whether you're designing posters or invitations, emails or brochures, this unique typeface will help make every project something truly special. 


We've taken classic fonts from the early 20th century at the legendary Haas Type Foundry, combined them with the beauty and imperfection of wood type prints, and created RSCO Haas!

Perfect for adding character to your headlines without sacrificing readability. A perfect mix of vintage Swiss type with modern charm. We guarantee that you won't be disappointed with RSCO Haas - so why not add a touch of bold Swiss nostalgia to your projects?


We turn old into new – we created our Rosewood wood type font using wood type to print the actual typeface and then digitize it. Not only will this font make your designs look better than ever before, but you also get to pay homage to one of history’s greatest typographic minds.

Based on the beloved William Page wood typeface known as Clarendon Ornamented, first designed in 1859, this wood type version adds the perfect touch of tasteful finesse to each and every project.

Number of fonts: 5

File Type: OTF

File Size: 62.9 MB

Character Support: English letters with punctuation and select European letters. Upper and lower-case characters are supported in most cases. Check individual product listings for details.

License Type: View license

Foundry: RetroSupply Co.