The 5 Best Grain and Noise Procreate Brush Sets

The 5 Best Grain and Noise Procreate Brush Sets

The polish and efficiency of digital art have made it a popular choice for all types of artists, designers, and everything in between.

Sometimes, however, digital art can read cold. How do you bring life back into your work?

Why add texture?

Digital art can sometimes feel sterile when using flat applications of color. No matter how lively the design is. Texture can add warmth back to your work and help bring back authenticity when you're trying to recreate retro or traditional media.

Early digital textures were often heavy-handed or sacrificed the quality of the work underneath it. Thankfully, technology has come a long way, and digital asset creators provide better tools than ever.

Here is our list of the 5 best Procreate grain and noise packs based on quality, authenticity, and ease of use.

Recommended Product

1. Lo-Fi Subtle Grain & Noise

Created by RetroSupply Co., the Lo-Fi Subtle Grain & Noise brush set is a powerful collection of 24 subtle and "experimental" brushes for Procreate.

Artists looking to quickly add beautiful texture to their finished work will love how easy the Lo-Fi brushes are to apply. Those who have time to spare will appreciate the amount of detail achievable in just a few passes.

Some users may find the brushes to be too subtle. This can easily be overcome by layering brushes for more obvious texture. Artists working on very large canvases may find the brushes on the small side. Although Procreate's size limitations may not make this noticeable.

The included "experimental" brushes are a fun addition for more overt textures. Both new and experienced artists alike will appreciate the inclusion of bonus tutorial videos for a well-rounded, jack-of-all-trades texture pack.


  • Wide Variety of textures
  • Great for backgrounds, main image textures, and shading
  • Made from real media
  • Includes bonus tutorials


  • Not pressure sensitive
  • Not for very large canvas sizes
  • May be too subtle for some

2. Fast Grit

From True Grit Texture Supply, Fast Grit is a collection of 45 textured stamp brushes.

Created from real media, including paper, ink, and toner. Fast Grit is a good option for light or heavy texture applications. At an average of 4000 px square, the brushes will be helpful in a wide variety of document sizes. Although, those artists needing larger canvases may be at a disadvantage. (In those instances, it may be better to go vector anyway.)

The brushes may be too subtle for some. However, those new to including texture in their work might be at risk of being too heavy-handed. That being said, the customizable nature and cost-effectiveness will make it attractive for most users.


  • Cost-effective
  • Large stamp size
  • Variety in texture
  • Customizable layering


  • Not pressure sensitive
  • Not for very large canvas sizes
  • Stamp brushes not ideal for all art

3. Prince Street Texture Pack Vol. II

Design company Shoutbam provides a unique collection of grain and noise brushes perfect for illustrators, calligraphy artists, and more.

Including a collection of unique grainy liner brushes, The Grainers Brush Set can create 3D effects easily. This, paired with the included color gradients, makes it a helpful pack for graphic designers, lettering artists, and illustrators alike.

Users who are not interested in doing three-dimensional work or who are not lettering artists may want to skip this set. Consider purchasing another on our list, as this pack is geared toward that style. However, artists who fit within that niche or want to experiment with different styles will find it a fun and easy pack to use.


  • Liner brushes included
  • Able to achieve 3D effects
  • Bonus color gradients included
  • Great for calligraphy


  • Limited number of brushes
  • Liner brushes not for everyone
  • Not ideal for overall application

4. Grain Shading Brushes Vol. 2

Veteran brush maker MiksKs provides a follow-up to their popular grain brush set for Procreate. With three grain styles for a wider variety of uses, this set will appeal to artists who run the gamut of grain in their work.

New artists may find the selection intimidating if they are just learning techniques such as value and clipping masks. Artists who already have the first Grain Shading volume might not find the new issue different enough to justify the second purchase.

With 24 available brushes, this is an easy purchase for new and established artists to get more bang for their buck.


  • 3 grain styles
  • Pressure sensitive
  • Cost efficient
  • Well rounded application


  • Higher learning curve for new artists
  • Not much difference from Volume 1
  • Not ideal for overall application

5. Procreate Grain Brushes

From artist Essi Kimpimaki Illustration is a small but mighty collection of grain brushes for Procreate. Although there are only 10 brushes included, it's a great pack to get you started or supplement your existing library at a very reasonable price.

The pack also includes a user guide with tips for new users. This will be useful for artists just getting started using texture in their work or new to Procreate.

The speckle brushes are very similar. It might be possible to get similar results from scaling the pattern grain up or down. That being said, the efficiency of being able to just select a brush and get creating might easily make up for it in the long run.


  • Cost efficient
  • Subtle and overt textures
  • Includes user guide and tips
  • Good for background and main image textures


  • Small selection
  • Some brushes very similar
  • Not pressure sensitive

Conclusion: So which grain & Noise Brushes are the best?

The type of grain and noise brushes you prefer will depend on many things, including whether you like a stamp or shader brush, for example.

When considering the price, selection, ease of use, detail, authenticity, and quality, the clear winner is the Lo-Fi Subtle Grain & Noise Brushes pack from RetroSupply Co.

You would be justified in thinking that we have a bias. There are some great brush packs on this list, and you would probably be delighted with any one of them. The overwhelming lack of cons made the Lo-Fi Subtle Grain & Noise pack a clear winner.

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