The 5 Best Paper Textures for Procreate

The 5 Best Paper Textures for Procreate

Maybe you've made the jump from traditional art to digital art and you want to carry some of that charm along with you. Maybe you're a designer that needs a high quality texture for your product mock-ups.

Whatever the case may be, paper textures for Procreate have become easier to find and more user friendly than ever before.

WhY use Paper Textures?

It may seem counterintuitive to want a paper texture for your digital art. Many purists will say you might as well stick to traditional art. However, there's no reason to stick to one medium. Incorporating paper textures into your digital artwork combines the ease of flexibility of digital with the charm and warmth of traditional. It's the best of both worlds really.

In the early days of digital creation, paper textures left a lot to be desired. Now there are many beautiful, realistic options to choose from. So many in fact that it can be hard to know which ones are best!

Here is our list of the 5 best paper texture packs for Procreate based on quality, authenticity, and ease-of-use.

Recommended Product

1. Phantom Paper

Made from real vintage paper scans, RetroSupply Co.’s Phantom Paper is a collection of 21 individual seamless paper textures for Procreate.

Many paper texture packs have novelty textures that feel more like filler than anything useful. Phantom Paper does not have that issue, with each unique textures being usable for a variety of projects.

Users will want to be aware that their ability to use Phantom Paper on large scale projects will depend on the age and memory of their iPad.


  • High-resolution
  • Realistic textures and colors
  • Includes bonus PNG textures
  • Wide variety of textures
  • Easy to adjust


  • Large file size
  • Large scale projects may not be possible on older iPads
  • Not ideal for users who want obvious/novelty textures

2. Infinite Pulp 02

A follow-up to the original Infinite Pulp collection, True Grit Texture supply brings a new pack of seamless textures for Procreate. Including some unique selections such as iridescent paper and some fabrics, this pack would make a great supplement to artists who already have a selection of paper textures.

Some users might be frustrated with the large selection of “novelty” textures. Those who like a challenge or who are looking for textures to set their work apart will be grateful for the unique mix. As with other products on this list, the size of your final document will depend on the age and memory available on your iPad.


  • High-resolution
  • Unique collection of textures and colors
  • Includes fabric textures
  • Adjustable


  • Many “novelty” and highly textured textures
  • Inclusion of fabric textures might be a drawback for some
  • Large scale projects may not be possible on older iPads.

3. Ultima

From design house GARM Company, a collection of 25 seamless paper textures for Procreate. Includes a unique group of texture types and colors for unique artwork and design projects. The subtlety of some textures might be a drawback for artists looking for something more prominent. Others will appreciate their textures not competing with their artwork.


  • High-resolution
  • Large amount of variety
  • Includes an inspirational lookbook
  • Includes bonus PNG textures
  • Adjustable


  • May be too subtle for some
  • Some textures very dark
  • Some textures very similar to one another

4. 46 Seamless Texture Brushes

Unlike the previous entries, this collection of 46 textures by Lettie Blue are actually Procreate brushes. Meaning there’s a lot of room for freedom of application.

If you’re interested in simulating collage, or if you want to be able to apply texture on the fly, choosing a brush based texture might be right for you.

The pack is split with paper, canvas, and wall textures. Artists who are solely interested in paper texture may not be interested in the other two options. Those who may be in the market for multiple texture types will find it worth a look.


  • Versatility of a brush
  • Seamless textures, not stamps
  • Includes both flat and crumpled paper textures
  • Wide variety of textures


  • Not all paper textures
  • Brushes might be cumbersome for artists who want quick textures
  • Large canvas sizes might create a more obvious pattern repeat

5. Paper Block Procreate Brushes

Design studio Frankentoon presents a cost effective bundle of 15 seamless paper brushes for Procreate.

Similar to the Lettie Blue textures, these brushes provide the freedom and ease of access of brush textures. Unique to this set, however, is the ability to “mix and match” textures on top of each other. This expands the range of textures available to users.

As with any brush on Procreate, the larger your canvas, the smaller your overall brush and grain size. Users will want to be aware of this when considering their needs.


  • Versatility of a brush
  • Seamless textures
  • Capable of being layered for more options
  • Cost effective


  • Brushes might be cumbersome for artists who want quick textures
  • Large canvas sizes might create a more obvious pattern repeat.
  • Some textures require layering, making them time consuming

Conclusion: So Which Paper Texture is Best?

The paper textures you use will depend on your preferred type of textures, tool preferences, and other considerations. And there's no reason why you couldn't get more than one.

But if you're on a tight budget or just don't want to have to sort through multiple packs, we think that Phantom Paper by RetroSupply Co. is your best bet. It would be fair to believe that we're biased in our assessment. But for the price, selection, ease of use, and realism, we think that Phantom Paper is unbeatable. But don't just take our word for it, which do you think is best?

Grab Phantom Paper Textures for Procreate

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