The 5 Best Risograph Procreate Brush Sets

The 5 Best Risograph Procreate Brush Sets

Over the past few year, we've seen some amazing Risograph Procreate brush sets released.

If you're looking to bring the distinctive and gorgeous look of Risograph to your work in Procreate here is a list of the best Risograph brush sets for Procreate.

To understand how we decided which packs to include it's helpful to understand a little about Risograph.

What is Risograph?

Risograph works like a digital mimeograph machine by creating a stencil that is wrapped around an ink drum. Then applies ink to the paper in spot colors like a screenprint. The result is beautiful prints with distinctive textures and colors.

Recently, Risograph has seen a resurgence in popularity. As a result, a wide range of Risograph brushes for Procreate have become available.

Here are the 5 best Risograph brush sets for Procreate based on authenticity, quality, and ease-of-use.


RetroSupply Co.

The Risograph Brush & Texture Kit for Procreate is a collection of high-quality and authentic Risograph brushes by RetroSupply Co.

Risograph printers and artists from all around the world collaborated with us to craft this brush set. The result is a comprehensive set of 96 total brushes that allow you to fine-tune the classic textures and layering that made Risograph famous. Unique among other Risograph brush sets is a complete 10%-100% tonal range and realistic defect brushes to push your work over the edge.


  • 96 authentic brushes made from real Risograph prints
  • Made in tonal increments of 10% - 100%
  • Includes standard and shader brushes
  • Includes true Risograph print defect brushes
  • Made in collaboration with Riso printers and artists
  • Includes real Risograph color palettes


  • Slight learning curve due to the full tonal range of brushes
  • Does not include paper textures
  • Higher price point



Risograph for Procreate is a collection of 21 paper, Riso, inking, and texture brushes from Australia-based Uproot.

Available in both light and dark shades, the Riso brushes recreate the more subtle textures available in real risograph prints. Liner brushes make it easy to sketch, fill, and detail your design. A collection of four paper overlay brushes finish things off, or provide a realistic foundation to inspire your risograph masterpiece.


  • A diverse collection of textures
  • Includes paper texture brushes
  • Includes ink brushes for forming shapes
  • Pressure-sensitive


  • Limited value range
  • Riso brush offerings compared to other brushes limited
  • Some textures very similar to Uproot’s Overlay brushes
  • Color palettes not included

03. RISO 2022


Perhaps the first in recent years to provide a Risograph-inspired product, Tip Top Brushes has expanded and improved their original Riso brush set for a new 2022 collection.

Includes 11 Risograph brushes sourced from real Risograph prints, and a collection of color swatches inspired by the custom ink colors unique to Risograph printers.

Tip Top's brushes don't require you to use clipping masks or make your shapes beforehand, which means you can jump into creating right from install.


  • Easy to use right from the first install
  • Includes Riso inspired color palette
  • Distinct distressing and liner brushes
  • Enhanced from V1 set


  • Limited value ranges
  • Some textures lack realism
  • Limited total brushes for the price



Created by Wink Brushes, this small but sweet collection of 8 brushes is a great introduction to Riso brushes if you are just starting, or if you are looking to add some texture to your retro art.

The included color palette is helpful for adding the unique set of Riso ink colors to your work. A helpful paper texture finishes off the pack for added realism.

This pack also has the bonus of including brushes in a light to dark tonal range of brush texture.


  • Easy to use right after download
  • Paper texture included
  • Color palette included
  • Includes brushes of different value ranges


  • High cost for the number of brushes included
  • Paper texture is only 72 DPI
  • Very little difference between brushes



Created by brush company Seamless Team, the Risograph Brush Set for Procreate emphasizes texture reminiscent of the iconic Risograph machine.

The set includes 16 Riso-inspired brushes, 4 shading brushes, 3 liner brushes, and 3 paper texture brushes for a total of 26 brushes.

The liner and Riso brushes provide a nice foundation for your artwork, while the paper texture and shading brushes allow you to have control over the amount of final texture appearing in your artwork.


  • Diverse range of Riso brushes
  • Includes paper texture brushes
  • Includes liner brushes
  • Includes grain and noise brushes


  • Some brushes lack authentic Riso texture
  • Lacks full value range
  • Some brushes have an obvious repeat texture
  • Does not include a color palette

Conclusion: So which Risograph brushes are best

Now that we've explored the options, which brush set is suitable for you? Well, we can't answer that. But what we can do is tell you what our choice is.

When considering quality, authenticity, ease of use, and extra features, the best on the market is the Risograph Brush & Texture Kit from RetroSupply Co.

It would be fair to assume that we're being biased. However, weighing the pros and cons of each pack, this really is the best available. But let us know what you think! Which is your favorite?

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