Customer Work: June 2024

Customer Work: June 2024

Every day, we see art created by our inspiring customers with RetroSupply digital brushes and textures on our Instagram feed. We've selected a few outstanding designs from artists we found this May made using RetroSupply Co. products.

Tag us in your post, and let us know which of our tools you used so that you can have a chance to be featured on the RetroSupply Co. Instagram account!

Lucia Calfapietra

Lucia Calfapietra's colorful, relaxed artwork takes inspiration from the laid-back indulgence of Southern Europe. This illustration graces the cover of a cookbook of French recipes and features both DupliTone and the Risograph Brush & Texture Kit.

Lucia's artwork has a unique quality of being flat but with heavy use of texture, which gives it depth and lots of visual interest.

Nighstro co.

The lighthearted contemporary take on classic vintage aesthetics from Nighstro Co. is new on our radar. We were immediately taken in by the big cheesy (see what we did there) grin of this burger mascot featuring lots of DupliTone. We love the mixture of dot and line halftones, which creates variations in texture and increases the tones available without competing with the heavy linework.

Mark Ruffle

There's a particular style that resembles old Mid-Century maps, and artist Mark Ruffle captured that beautifully using RetroSupply Co. tools for Illustrator, including Gouache Shader, Vector Sketch, and Vector Hero.

The bright color palette and thoughtful, reserved use of texture draw the viewer in without sacrificing the main purpose of communicating information. We also love the use of simple geometric shapes and implied perspective.

Jasmine Floyd

English artist Jasmine Floyd's work is often hard to describe, if only because many words don't do her stunning technicolor work justice. Jasmine's work gets its recognizable look through her masterful handling of texture, blend modes, and layer masks, showing that knowing your tools is an indispensable part of art-making.

Jasmine made this pastel cowgirl with several RetroSupply Co. products including the Risograph Brush & Texture Kit and Edge & Fold vol. 2.

Len Roman

We love this Fall Out New Vegas illustration by Len Roman, which emulates Mid-Century war comics using DupliTone, Paper Boy, Edge & Fold, and Office Supplies. Like the burger advertisement above, Len uses a mix of dot and line halftones to add texture while keeping the line work the focus. Paper folds and stains bring the image to life, giving the impression of a well-read comic book shared among soldiers in a crowded mess hall.

Josh Ryan

It's officially summer, and we're in Pride Month, so this illustration by Josh Ryan caught our attention for its laid-back, unapologetic ode to both. Josh used our Procreate tools to create the design and topped it off with a bit of Phantom Paper to bring this mock-up to life.

Jenny Brewer

Good artists know how to pair a font that complements their work without distracting or sacrificing its quality. And Jenny Brewer is a good artist, no question! This is why Jenny chose fonts from our Horror Fonts Master Bundle for this fan poster for Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.

Kevin willingHam Creative

This UPA-style illustration poking fun at the housing crisis by Kevin Willingham Creative caught our eye for its striking use of a limited palette and great shape language. Kevin utilized our Liner Brush Pack in Procreate to make this illustration with a bit of ink spray from ColorLab and Phantom Paper to finish things off.


The "rubber hose style" has become popular again in the last few years, and we're big fans whether it's on trend or not. The playful, sarcastic cartoons of Laserblazt are no exception. Faithful to the original style but with modern humor, the work is brought to life with DupliTone and Phantom Paper.

Abigail E Penner

Abigail Penner's work is both familiar and one-of-a-kind, taking a unique spin on relatable topics. We love this illustration made with our Classic Procreate Illustration Brush Pack and finished off with Phantom Paper. The gorgeous style is complemented by a limited palette, giving it an old-school tattoo aesthetic.


We've looked at a diverse range of artists and styles, from the rubberhose style of Laserblazt to Risograph cowgirls from Jasmine Floyd. You may have noticed that many artists were using DupliTone, Phantom Paper and the Risograph Brush & Texture Kit, which can feel at home in a variety of uses, both digitally and in the real world.

Do you have some awesome art to show us? Make sure that you're tagging us @retrosupply on Instagram so we can see what you make!

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