Deep Cuts Customer Showcase

Deep Cuts Customer Showcase

Every day we see inspiring art created with RetroSupply brushes and digital products on our Instagram feed. Here are a few killer pieces from illustrators and graphic artists in August made using Deep Cuts Engraving Brushes.

Want a chance to have your work featured on the RetroSupply Instagram account? Tag us in your post and let us know which products you used in your work!

Justin Helton

@statusserigraph |

Justin Helton, with 13 years' experience at Status Serigraph, is revered in the music and design industry, crafting designs for major bands and brands like A&E and Puma.

Using RetroSupply's Deep Cuts engraving brushes alongside other techniques, Helton creates visually rich, collage-style artwork. These complex pieces, featuring intricate engraving effects, have become highly sought after, solidifying his reputation in the poster design world.

JOEL Jensen

@joeljensenart |

Joel Jensen, an emerging poster artist, nurtured his passion through designing movie and TV show posters for competition platforms like Talenthouse.

Despite starting as contest entries, his creations have won recognition and led to personal projects like the National Park posters. After his first exhibition at DesignerCon 2018, Joel aims to continue producing captivating prints.

Stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial on RetroSupply's website, detailing how he effectively uses the Deep Cuts engraving brushes in his work.

Nicholas Malara

@sketchybusinessart |

Nick Malara, a creative professional and BFA Illustration graduate, has demonstrated his artistic prowess across various industries including apparel, gaming, and advertising since 2000.

Among his achievements are illustrations for children's books, such as Little Golden Books, and designs exhibiting his love for retro art and user interface.

Presently, he enriches Seven2, a Spokane-based digital media advertising firm, with his skills as a senior designer.



Soren Glassing, with interests ranging from Buddhist imagery and sacred calligraphy to Scandinavian folk art and Japanese goblins, boasts an eclectic artistic style.

As a former Buddhist monk who practiced in Japan, Soren brings a unique spiritual perspective to their work. They currently serve as a chaplain in a hospital, further broadening their life experiences reflected in their art.


@kauaihempco |

Kaua’i Hemp Company, Hawaii's first sustainable and OTCO/USDA certified organic hemp farm, utilized RetroSupply's Deep Cuts engraving brushes to design their packaging and branding.

Their aesthetic, embodying their commitment to organic farming and reduced carbon footprint, was elevated through the analog-inspired textures and effects of the Deep Cuts brushes. This distinctive look supports their mission of sustainable practices, including solar power and an on-site water well, providing a visually cohesive brand identity.


@secondsundesign |

This small studio, with expertise in brand identity and print design, utilized RetroSupply's Deep Cuts brushes to create a unique linocut-style illustration.

This artistry enhances their specialization in brand identity, packaging, and illustration, demonstrating how the analog-inspired textures and effects of Deep Cuts can create impactful, memorable designs. Their use of the brushes affirms their commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail in their visual branding solutions.



Joel Menter is a Buffalo-based artist who adeptly balances roles as a father, tattooer, and illustrator.

A loyal RetroSupply customer, he employs the Deep Cuts brushes in this illustrations, creating a unique aesthetic that marries traditional ink tattoo designs with the texture and depth of analog engraving. This technique complements his dual careers as both tattooer and illustrator, enhancing his work's unique style.


Inspiration is all around us on social media, and it can help you get a better idea of how to use tools that you might already have in your arsenal. Many artists are happy to share their process with their audience so you can learn as you make some killer art yourself.

Do you have some awesome art to show us? Make sure that you're tagging us @retrosupply on Instagram so we can see what you make!

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