[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Roughen Your Typography

July 09, 2017

[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Roughen Your Typography

The Flaws in Type are Important...

Imperfect type is important. Look at one of your old comic books, the work of Clark Orr, or a book like Mail Order Mysteries.

The type is rough and imperfect because it's made with imperfect machines. It's made with cheap paper that soaks up ink like a sponge. 

The flaws of ink on paper are important. They anchor us to the real world.

Here's an Easy Way to Roughen Your Type in Illustrator 

In this infographic, I'll show you how to roughen your typography oh-so-subtly in Adobe Illustrator. It's a simple technique to learn. And once you get it down you'll be amazed how much it can add to your work. Just don't go overboard!

Did I miss something? Share your tips in the comments below!

Check out a video tutorial of this process here.

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