The Mid Century Print Pack Mega Bundle

Early Bird Special: Grab The Mid-Century Print Pack Mega Bundle for the special price of $49 for a limited time!

  • Includes 7 best-selling actions to simulate retro print effects including registration errors, ink roughening, monotones, halftones, ink starve, illustrative photograph effect, and press effect.
  • 11 video tutorials demonstrating each action, how to create effects on your own in Photoshop and how to install Photoshop actions.
  • 25 brushes to add ink textures, subtle paper textures, and distressed textures.
  • 9 retro paper textures to add an additional retro pop to your work.
  • 20 bonus pieces of authentic retro stock art from the 1940s and 50s.
  • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and above.

Like having a 1950's print shop in your computer!

"The Mid-Century Print Pack is perfect for adding authentic finishing touches to my projects!"

Design products tend to fall under one of two camps.

  1. A product that does all the work for you (i.e. actions, brushes, templates).
  2. Online courses that show you how to achieve a specific effect.

There hasn't been a class that gives you the tools you need as well as the knowledge you need to achieve specific results in your work (especially retro effects) - except The Mid-Century Mega Bundle.

Say Hello to the Ultimate Mid-Century Pack

The Mid-Century Mega Bundle is our popular Mid-Century Print Pack on steriods. You'll get actions, videos, brushes, textures, authentic retro stock art, and more. All in one pack!

The Mid-Century Print Pack Mega Bundle includes:

  • 7 retro Photoshop actions that recreate all the the classic looks of mid-century work (registration errors, halftones, monotones, ink stare, illustrative photography, ink plates, and rough ink edges).
  • 10 video tutorials including: How to Install Photoshop Actions, How to Create Halftones in Photoshop, How to Create Rough Ink Edges in Photoshop, How to Create Registration Errors in Photoshop, as well as video tutorials for every action in the bundle.
  • Full-color instructional PDF's including photos.
  • 25 texture brushes including subtle textures, ink textures and paper textures.
  • 9 paper textures including 50s comic book paper, 70s comic book paper, chipboard, yellow pages, and poster paper.
  • 20 pieces of authentic 1940s and 1950s retro stock art vectors.
  • Lifetime access to the pack - including all updates and additional videos we add in the future.

Save 81% Off the Retail Price

Typically lifetime access to this pack would cost $254 (including the actions, videos, and clip art at retail price).

But today we've got something special for you. You can get this entire collection for just $49.

The Mid-Century Print Pack has been one of our best-selling products (just check out the 37 reviews below) - but with the 10 video bonuses and bonus stock art it's an absolute steal.

This collection is great for anyone trying to:

  • Add retro touches to their work (even if you're not going for a 100% retro feel).
  • Designers and illustrators that want to learn the skills to create effects like the ones you see in the preview images.
  • Designers and illustrators looking for a bundle of products to boost their creativity and give them unique ideas for their work.
  • Achieving an authentic retro look in a client or personal project.

Here's a Breakdown of Everything You Get in This Pack


RetroMatic is a Photoshop action that gives you one of the most classic effects of mid-century print work, registration errors.

Registration errors occur when two or more colors are printed in separate passes. The result is the colors not perfectly matching up. The result is slight gaps between colors and lines and happy mistakes where the inks overlap.


SparkPrint is a Photoshop action that let’s you achieve another classic mid-century effect in your work - monotones.

Monotones were an economical way to add different tints of a color to print work without using different color inks (every color cost extra money - so it was in printers and advertisers best interest to use the same color to save on printing expenses).


The InkChamp Photoshop action reproduces the subtle ink starve you see around the edges of color inks. It’s a subtle but powerful effect that adds a great finishing touch to colored areas.


Remember those photograph/painting style pieces you see so often from the 50s? PhotoBaker makes it easy to achieve a similar effect.


Most halftones used in design work in Photoshop use a filter.

Perfect-O-Tone utilized a technique I learned from a designer friend who had some of the best halftones in his work I had ever seen. It works by converting your chosen layer into bitmap halftones that behave exactly like real halftones.


One of the first actions we ever released. RetroPrint recreates the look of newsprint including ink viscosity, roughness, and texture.

The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith Photoshop action was designed to simulate the subtle rough edges of ink on paper. Particularly when printed on cheap paper stock that was used in newspapers and magazines.

10 Video Tutorials

Includes videos that walk you through using each action. Plus, you'll get additional videos that teach you how to create the effects in the actions manually (so you can create these effects on your own if you want).

20 FizzleStock Vector Images

I bet you didn't know we have a sister stock image site. Yep, true story. In this pack, we'll give you 20 surprise pieces of authentic retro vector art from the 1940s and 1950s. These images took nearly a year to find, have researched by IP attorneys and get vectorized!

Extra Goodies

Most of the individual packs in the set come with suprise extras including subtle texture brushes, paper textures, and more. So when you download the pack expect some surprises!

At $49 for this massive pack you can't go wrong!

The amount of tools and information you get in this product is insane.

I don't think there's even anywhere you can get a pack that provides such a comprehensive collection of retro resources.

Whether you're a professional designer or just starting in Photoshop this pack would be a disservice to your work not grab at this price.

Grab this pack now for $49 and rest easy knowing you got everything you need to create mid-century effects in Photoshop!

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