Let's Draw a Hot Dog Eagle

Let's Draw a Hot Dog Eagle

We're joined again with ToadyCo who is making a patriotic American Bald Eagle with baseball cap and hot dog. We think you'll have lots of fun creating this humorous illustration right in time for the Fourth of July!

Grab your tablet or sketchbook and let's get started!

Products Used

  • Standard Pencils. Matthew uses his favorite sketching pencil from this pack to build up the initial design. Get loose, find your shapes, and focus on layout and proportion.
  • Deep Cuts. Engraving brushes are perfect for this Americana inspired illustration. Tap into presidential portraits and the all American dollar.
  • Phantom Paper. High-resolution, seamless paper textures that are seperated into layers of texture and highlight so you can get the look of your work actually being printed on paper.

You can complete the tutorial without the products — your results may just look as patriotic.

Let's walk through the steps Matt goes through to create this illustration. It might seem complicated when you see the final results, but breaking things down will show how easy it actually is to make.

Loose Sketch

To block out his idea, Matt keeps things loose and refines as he goes along. Don't try to be perfect in these early stages. You can redraw things as many times as you need while sketching, and use features such as Drawing Assist and the symmetry tool to knock out large portions of the illustration all at once.

Learn about Drawing Assist and many more useful Procreate tips here.

Sketch of an eagle carrying a hotdog in front of a patriotic placard.


Matt chose to ink his illustration with Deep Cuts, our collection of high quality engraving brushes. This style mimicks a popular printmaking effect for presidential portraits, paper money, and bookplates. It gives an oldschool and sophisticated patriotic look.

For the majority of the illustration, keep Drawing Assist on to utilize the symmetry tool. When you have the bulk of the inking done, turn symmetry off, and finish off the unique portions of the illustration such as the eagle's head or the mustard.

A black and white illustration of an eagle carrying a hot dog in a vintage engraving style.

Don't forget to take advantage of Deep Cuts' crosshatching capabilities! These brushes were designed for layering for detail and adding tone. Use the multi-line brushes to fill in spaces fast.

Adding Texture

The final steps for our illustration are all about texture! Matt is adding RSCO Butcher Paper from Phantom Paper Vol. 1. It has the right color and texture of an aged, vintage engraving.

If you wanted, you could add some color at this point as well. We recommend our Lotería watercolor brushes to complement the engraving effect.

An illustration of an eagle carrying a hot dog in the style of a vintage engraving.

Wrapping Up

We hope you've enjoyed this episode of Let's Draw. Stay tuned for more episodes that we'll be releasing in the coming weeks.

Remember that the only way to get better is to practice, so don't just watch the video, follow along. Then post it on Instagram with the hashtag #RSCOLetsDraw. We'll be looking out for folks tagging us so we can share our favorites.

About the Artist

Matthew Shultz grew up in Michigan obsessed with comics, cartoons, role playing games, and fantasy movies.

His favorite things to draw are still creatures and characters that wouldn’t look out of place in a television advertisement for action figures from 1986.

He lives in Seattle with his spouse, children, and several excellent animals. He hopes you enjoy his artwork, and he would be glad to make some for you.

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