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Over 50 Handcrafted Procreate brush Packs

We've created all the brushes you'll ever need for bring analog styles to your digital work including natural pencils, inking pens, gritty halftones, organic textures, and more.

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Free Procreate brushes

Take a few of our essential Procreate brushes for artists for a spin with Steal This Brush Pack. Includes one of our classic pencils, the famous Ramen Brush for inking, halftones and more.

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Procreate Packs with Tutorials

All of our products come with easy-to-follow directions. But some packs also have built-in tutorials to help you elevate your creative game.

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Procreate Brush Bundles

Get a wide selection of our analog-inspired brush and texture packs and save dough! These bundles are priced so they don't break the bank with up to 50% off the regular price!

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RetroSupply Procreate Brushes

We make Procreate brushes that make it easy to bring traditional analog styles to your digital work. Our Procreate texture brushes, halftone brushes, pencil packs and mid-century brush collections are used by indie artists and in-house designers around the world. With over 30 Procreate brush packs you're sure to find the look you're after. Want to get all our best packs for the Procreate app? Then you'll love our Complete Collection for Procreate.

Procreate Brush Styles | Part 1

Mid-Century Styled Retro Procreate Brushes

RetroSupply’s collection of mid-century Procreate brushes are created from real mid-century media and transferred for digital use, making it easy to capture the classic look of mid-century illustrations of yester-year. These digital brushes are so on point even Norman Rockwell would be like, you did that?

Create throwback designs and illustrations with mid-century inspired dry, texture and liner brush packs, or get the whole kit and caboodle with the complete Mid-Century collection complete with every brush you’ll ever need to create the retro art of decades past, from the Golden Age of Disney to mid-century advertising and magazine covers.

Shade, Depth & Texture Brushes

With RetoSupply’s array of shade, depth and Procreate texture brushes, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect brushes to add character to your illustrations.

Halftone Brushes for Procreate

RetroSupply does halftone brushes Procreate edition, and we do it well. Reincarnate the classic look of vintage comic books and mid-century magazine ads with the ColorLab Comic Color Kit, and industrial-strength collection of brushes, swatches, textures, and paper textures. Looking for halftone shaders? The DupliTone Halftone Brush Kit features diverse halftone brushes with no complex settings to add quick and simple graduated halftones to your illustrations, perfect for shading and texture varations.

Edge & Fold Distressed Brushes

With the swipe of your apple pen, our Edge & Fold distressed brushes magically scuff, crack distress and stain your illustrations. 25 Procreate brushes give you the ability to take your anger out on your illustrations without any broken bones, missing teeth or legal repercussions of a good ol’ fashioned brawl.

Retrograin Procreate Vintage Brushes

Taken from real ink samples, our RetroGrain Procreate brush pack delivers an array of soft to intense grain shader and sponge brushes commonly seen in vintage catalogs, books, archival papers and paints. You’ll be impressed with how easily it is to rough up your illustrations for an added touch of vintage, and how quickly you can add subtle interest and dimension for lots of detail.

Gouache Brush Pack

For a quick and easy way to add vivacious texture to your illustrations, then the Gouache brush pack is your knight in shining armor. Designed for scalable art and illustrations for books and posters, you’ll get 68 of the best Procreate brushes for creating quick and painless shading, highlights and textures for detail-rich illustrations you’re proud to show off.

The Doggone Collection by Von Glitschka

RetroSupply and Von Glitschka team up to bring you the Doggone collection of Grainy Scatter Brushes and Design & Illustration Procreate Texture Brushes. Each Procreate brush pack comes with unique brushes for specific purposes. The grainy scatter brushes are great for highlighting shading and detail for a rich textured look. The design and illustration textures brush pack feature surface, background, spot and brush textures to add background grit and rough edges fast.

Stippling Brushes

Love stippling in your illustrations but hate carpel tunnel? Check out the “wrist saver” stippling brushes included in Sam Larson's Classic Illustration Brush Pack. These authentic stippling brushes, pens, and pencils have been used on national apparel, editorial illustrations, and most of Sam Larson's original artwork.

Dry Transfer Retro Procreate Brushes

Keep the 70s and 80s alive with dry transfer pattern designs with RetroSupply’s TransferTone Brush Pack. These instant pattern dry transfer Procreate brushes allow you to painlessly paint textures onto your illustrations to give them that 70s and 80s rub-on product vibe without totally cramping your hand.

Procreate Brush Styles | Part 2

Pencils, Pens & Inks, Oh My!

From sharp lines to goopy pens, RetroSupply has no shortage of new and used pens, pencils and ink brushes for the Procreate app.

Sharpen your pencil-drawing skills with RetroSupply standard pencil pack. Great for adding classic dull, hard, soft and aged graphite lines to your illustrations. Our standard pen pack does the heavy lifting to create the archival comic book inking looks you love. In this pack, you’ll get vintage fountain, ballpoint, smooth liner, italic, felt tip and stub tip pens, along with awesomely runny fountain pens, retro toothy pens and subtle ink spray stamp brushes for that perfectly flawed inky look without the inky mess.

Engraving Brushes

We’re taking it way back to the days of intricate line work commonly seen in letterhead, illustrated invoices and stock certificates of the late 1800s with IndustryPress brushes. With these engraving Procreate brushes, high-resolution overlays and an organized instruction guide, you’ll be on your way to creating your own 19th century engraving-inspired illustrations in no time.

Lo-Fi Grain & Noise Procreate Brushes

Warm analog texture is the name of the game for our Lo-Fi Grain & Noise brushes. These subtle grain and noise brush textures were hand picked from vintage relics found at dozens of trips to the flea market, musty attics and garage sales and transferred into digital Procreate brushes to deliver the same static thrills and gritty frills from your most cherished vintage comics and childhood memories.

Broken Inkers

Gnarly inkers, brah. RetroSupply’s Broken Inkers brush set gives you that seasoned pen look without the gnarly mess. These high quality Procreate brushes have been tested by professional illustrators to get the right consistency for your drizzly, gloopy, blotchy and beaded ink needs.

Hand Drawn Tool Kit

Join the Dead Pen’s society with the horribly inky Dead Pen vector brushes from RetroSupply. Your hand-illustrated work has never looked better than with the touch of our 42 hand-drawn brushes for creating stippling designs, lines, zig-zags, loops, waves and other funky designs.

Cross Country Crosshatchers

Our Cross Country crosshatch brush pack is your three-in-one shade, depth and texture Procreate brush pack for adding quick character to your work.

Watercolor Brushes For Procreate

Work on your watercolor painting anytime, anywhere with the exclusive Loteria brush and tutorial pack from RetroSupply. With 15 Procreate brushes, 4 paper textures, a brush demo video and fast track video tutorial by the incredible Brad Woodard, beginners and intermediate illustrators will have no problem learning the ways of watercolor painting quickly and easily. As a bonus we’ve thrown in wet edge Procreate brushes for that classic dark pigmented look of paint edges.

Chalk Retro Procreate Brushes

Chalk up your illustrations with Drygoods chalk brushes. Inspired by the chalk and slate A-frame signs of the 1930s and scanned in at a 600 DPI, these 23 ready-to-use Procreate brushes give you the instant chalk effects you love with a quick reference sheet to help you pick the right look without the dusty after effects of real chalk.