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Feast your eyes on RetroSupply's selection of digital brushes and bundle packs designed for the Procreate app. Made for indie artists and in-house creatives alike, our digital brushes take you back in time, to illustrations and textuers from late 19th century engravings, to the novelty comic books we cherish today. Transform your illustrations into masterpieces as you make your mark in the world of digital art with the help of RetroSupply's Procreate brushes, texture, and bundle packs.

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Procreate Digital Art Tools

Whether you want a killer pencil pack for doodling or need a helluva halftones Procreate brushes pack to wow the crowd, RetroSupply’s Procreate drawing, painting, texture and coloring brushes have been scanned and transferred from their vintage ancestors to work like magic putty in your hands, helping you create the vintage and retro looks of your favorite comics, ads, illustrations from yester-year.

Procreate Products

Pencils, Pens & Ink Brushes

Small but mighty, RetroSupply’s standard pencil pack for the Procreate app mimics several classic graphite looks to add a sharp, dull, hard, soft or aged look to everything from sketches to final illustrations. Our standard pack of pens feature classic go-to inking brushes that capture the spirit of beloved MAD Magazine illustrators Bob Bugg and Robert Clarke.

Highly touted as an illustrator's “secret weapon,” the Broken Inker brush set is your go to set of carefully curated runny inking brushes for comic books, cartoons, illustrations and lettering designs. These brushes are so good your friends will think you sold your soul to the devil to become the modern day Bill Watterson.

Take it back to your earliest days as an artist with the Dead Pen hand-drawn brush kit. This ultimate doodle kit for hand drawn inspired art features over 70 brushes for hand-drawing, elements, outlining and creating lines. With this pack you’ll create art so good you won’t believe it’s yours.

Add the finishing touches to your mid-century inspired pencil illustrations with the Spaceranger brush pack, featuring 20 realistic pencils and shaders for the Procreate app.

Halftone Brushes

Few things come close to nailing the look of a vintage comic book or mid-century magazine ads, but RetroSupply’s ColorLab Comic Color Kit comes pretty damn close. We’ve employed perfectly made Procreate brushes, swatches, textures, and templates for you to run with to create the classic styles or modern twists you’ve been dying to create.

The DupliTone Halftone Pack gives you the ability to create pressure sensitive and distressed halftones to your illustrations. You’ll love the combination of our pressure sensitive brushes for seamless gradated halftones that can build on top of each other and the ability to paint halftones to fill any shape.

Chalk Brushes

Inspired by the old chalkboard signs of the late 19th and early 20th century, the DryGoods essential chalk brush collection for the Procreate app features chalk brushes, smudgers and chalk dust brushes sourced from a variety of chalks to capture multiple levels of wear and tear for your drawing pleasure.

Watercolor Brushes

Watercolor without the mess! RetroSupply’s Loteria Procreate brush pack includes 15 no fuss, no muss watercolor and ink brushes emulate the textures, washes, glazes, gritty shading, pigment control, multi-tonal textures and soft edges to bring out the natural textures of traditional watercolor paintings.

Engraving Brushes

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Engraving brushes are here to bring back to life the intricate yet stunning engraved line work commonly seen in stock certificates, letterhead and illustrated invoice forms of the late 19th century. With a combination of pressure sensitive and IndustryPress brushes and 10 bonus red grunge overlays you too can quickly add distress to your work.

Shade, Depth & Texture Brushes

RetroSupply has the shade, depth and texture brushes for the Procreate app you need to take your art to the next level.

Cross-Country Cross Hatchers

Our Cross-Country cross hatchers pack makes it easy to add shade, depth and texture to illustrations consisting of closely spaced lines, adding life to even the most basic drawing.

The Texture Brush Pack

The Procreate textures brush pack delivers a sweet and salty look inspired by the texture work of mid-century travel brochures to create ads so nostalgic you can practically smell the mothballs.

Gouache Shader Brushes

Like something out of a fairytale, the Gouache shader brush pack features 68 rich gouache brushes for lively and detailed illustrations perfect for posters, books and other scalable artwork. This brush pack is its own work of art, saving you the time and hassle of searching for odd textures and placing them in even odder angles. This brush pack does the heavy lifting and pays for itself in one project. Now those are statements worth putting to the test, dontcha think?

Drunk Sailor Stippling Brushes

The pressure sensitive brushes in our stippling brush pack put you in the driver's seat with 100% control to create your best stippling, pointillism, dot art and dot tattoo inspired work with the same brush techniques taught in art school.

RetroGrain Shading Brushes

Created from real ink samples and used by thousands of designers, our most highly recommended RetroGrain ink and sponge brush pack offers a diverse selection of soft to intense grain shader brushes seen in antique catalogs, books, old brushes, archival paper and paints. You’ll love how easy it is to add and layer vintage textures to new-age illustrations.

Lo-Fi Subtle Grain & Noise Brushes

Ideal for creating the grittiness of well-loved comics and the soft ink textures of the Sunday paper, the Lo-Fi subtle grain and noise brush pack delivers warm analog texture and noisy tones where you want them.

Edge & Fold Distressed Brushes

Rough and ready, the Edge & Fold distressor brush pack screams “you should see the other guy.” With brushes to emulate the best of the worst distressed textures from smashed edges, paper creases, ink smudges and water stains this pack might as well be living in a van down by the river.

The Dry Brush Pack

The Mid-Century Dry Brush Pack contains the 15 essential retro dry brushes you need to emulate the classic look of mid-century commercial artists and illustrators. Easily build rich layers of color and texture to give your illustrations the same vibrancy that inspired so many in the mid-20th century.

Procreate Bundles & Packs

We’ve made it easy to get the brushes you need to create specific looks with Procreate bundles and sample packs. From the complete collection of every RetroSupply brush ever made, down to the sampler pack to get a taste of our favorite brushes, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect brushes to satisfy your creative appetite.


RetroSupply partners with some of the greatest illustrators and artistic geniuses of our time to bring one-of-a-kind brush packs to your digital doorstep. From the inspiring illustrations of Sam Larson comes the Classic Procreate illustration brush pack, while our tails wag for Von Glitschka’s doggone design and illustration textures and scatter brushes. Brad Woodward of Brave the Woods crosses the barriers of time and space to deliver a variety of brushes paying tribute to mid-century marvels, Little Golden Books illustrations, the world of digital watercolors and out of this world Space Ranger pencil packs.