The Essential Procreate Brush Bundle

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Compatibility: Procreate

Get our essential Procreate brush pack and join the thousands of illustrators who use RetroSupply brushes.

We've bundled 7 of our Procreate brush packs at a 54% discount. That's 396 brushes (and you'll save $57)!

Buying these packs individually would cost you $106. You save $57 when you purchase this bundle. 

Here's what you get:

Gouache Shader Brushes for Procreate ($15)

If you've ever seen illustrations with rich classic textures that are full of depth this brush pack is for you. You'll get 8 liner brushes, 20 fixed width brushes, 20 varied opacity brushes, and 20 varied size brushes. Its uses are nearly endless. And it will help you achieve a time-consuming and frustrating effect with ease (and probably a smile on your face).

Black Magic Halftones | Halftone Brushes for Procreate ($15)

Bring eye-catching touches to your illustrations with this perfectly made set of 18 clean and perfectly made halftone brushes for Procreate. The halftones are broken down by percentage (10-90%) for exact control and come in smooth or gritty edged versions. 

Revelation Halftones | Distressed Halftone Brushes for Procreate ($15)

The gritty and grungy brother to Black Magic Halftones, Revelation Halftones is a set of 48 distressed and imperfect halftone pattern brushes. If Black Magic was a suit, Revelation is a Nirvana t-shirt and jeans. It comes in smooth edged and rough edged versions. 

Cross-Country Cross Hatchers for Procreate ($15)

96 cross hatching brushes to give you perfect cross hatching textures in your illustrations. Includes smooth edged and rough edged versions. Layer them for the ultimate cross hatch shading effects!

Drunk Sailor Stippling Brushes for Procreate ($15)

Give your illustrations interest and depth with these 73 stippling brushes for Procreate. You'll get 24 varied opacity shader stippling brushes, 24 fixed opacity stippling brushes, 8 liner brushes, and 15 detail stippling brushes for tight spaces and corners.

IndustryPress ($12)

A set of Procreate brushes that allow you to get intricate engraved line work from the late 19th century. Includes 8 brushes as well as hi-res grunge overlay textures.

TransferTone | Dry Transfer Brushes for Procreate ($19)

A collection of 85 pattern brushes for Procreate inspired by dry transfers of the 1970s and 1980s. Includes pressure sensitive versions. Tested to death to make sure there's no seams or hairlines. These brushes are perfect.


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