The 10 Best Vintage Affinity Brushes

The 10 Best Vintage Affinity Brushes

Mama always said, “work smarter, not harder,” and these ten best Affinity Designer Brushes from RetroSupply will help you do just that.

We took our passion for retro-style art, illustrations, and ephemera, broke them down, blew them up, and translated them into digital brushes new and experienced illustrators love to use. Our Affinity Textures, bundles, and brushes don’t just save you time; they save you hassle, headache, and hand cramping too. And yes, we did it all for you!

So without further ado, our ten best Affinity designer brushes!

Our 10 Best Affinity Designer Brushes for Vintage-Inspired Art

The Complete Collection for Affinity

RetroSupply Co.

The Complete Collection for Affinity is your all-access pass into the RetroSupply affinity photo brush vault.

With this Affinity Bundle you get retro glitch effects, you get print textures, you get a comic color kit and comic book halftones, and you get it all for more than half off the original retail price.

The savings don’t stop there, either! With the Complete Collection for Affinity, you’ll never miss out on future Affinity releases since you’ll get a 30% off code for all future Affinity products. But don’t take our word for it, just look at what Claude, one of our coolest customers, had to say about it:

“Amazing value! Beats the Affinity shop prices by a country mile. Easy download and installation.”   ...isn’t he the best?

colorlab comic color kit for Affinity

RetroSupply Co.

Halftones, they don’t make ‘em like they used to!

Well, we got pretty damn close, and with the ColorLab Comic Color Kit for Affinity, you can effortlessly add them to your work!

This is one of our favorite vintage brush packs adding retro archival comic effects to your original pieces. It even comes with a bonus paint-by-numbers worksheet and THREE, count ‘em’ THREE, video tutorials to get you up to speed without learning the hard way that halftones are a b**ch to make on your own.

duplitone lo-fi halftones for Affinity

RetroSupply Co.

Get jiggy with the official halftone shading system of professional Illustrators with the DupliTone for Affinity! This is the most authentic halftone brush kit on the market — coming standard with more than 50 of the best classic halftones for texture and shading, plus helpful video tutorials, easy instructions, and access to our support library.


RetroSupply Co.

Bring the analog indie aesthetic of Risograph printing to your digital work with our Risograph Brush & Texture Kit for Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo — so realistic you'll smell the soy oil-based inks for days!

Each brush and texture in this pack was made from analog source material. We hit up some of our favorite Risograph printing studios and asked them to push their printers to the limits.

The final output is a collection that perfectly captures the unmistakable textures and overlay effects of analog Risograph art in your digital studio.


RetroSupply Co.

TransferTone is our tribute to the beautiful and strange world of dry transfer products. We researched dozens of patterns and tints sold back in the 1970s and 1980s and made patterns inspired by the era. Totally tubular, right?


RetroSupply Co.

Want your work to scream “rough night?” If so, the Edge & Fold DIstressor Brushes for Affinity are ready to rumble. This is our favorite pack for distressing your work, chock full of paper folds, water stains, scuff marks, cracks and creases, and distressor brushes that have “neglect’ written all over them.


RetroSupply Co.

Remember all that talk about working smarter and not harder? Well, the Gouache Shader Brushes for Affinity feel the same way.

With this pack, not only will you get 50 rich and delectable gouache-inspired brushes to make quick work of those nitty-gritty details, but the satisfaction of knowing you spent less than $20 to make your life easier every time you use them.


RetroSupply Co.

Dreaming about creating your own engraving style vintage illustrations but then think, “ain’t nobody got time for that!” Then you need, NEED the Grave Etcher Affinity Photo Brushes. This pack makes it stupidly simple to add multiple engraving lines with a single stroke and makes quick work of filling in the details with 50 sing liner brushes you’ll count on for future engraving-styled projects.


RetroSupply Co.

From the warm analog grains of a Sunday morning newspaper to the classic paper and ink textures of your favorite comic book, the LoFi Subtle Grain & Noise Affinity Brush Pack serves up an incredible collection of inky, gritty, bristled, and textured brushes, just the way you like ‘em. And with 27 brushes, easy-to-follow instructions, and free updates for life, it’s a no-brainer why they’re one of our best Affinity designer brush packs!


RetroSupply Co.

Sometimes, the best Affinity photo brushes are the ones that take your work back to the basics, like the Standard Pen Pack for Affinity! This pack of 11 heavy lifting, custom inking pens packs a punch worthy of making it to the “big” screen. Whether it’s the 11 vintage comic ink brushes, the six ink spray stamps, or the fact that you can use them all as soon as they’re finished downloading, we’re confident this pack of Affinity photo brushes will remain a staple tool you come to rely on for all future illustrations.


At RetroSupply, we’re committed to helping new and professional Illustrators get the most out of their favorite Affinity photo brushes with Video Trainings, Tutorials, and Digital Books tailored to our products. Be sure to join us on Instagram @retrosupply to see how other talented Illustrators are using our products in the wild!