How to Use the Perspective Grid Tool for Logo Design

How to Use the Perspective Grid Tool for Logo Design

Emir Ayouni was one of my first design heroes. I remember this Inappropriate Factory logo he did (see above) just blew my mind.

So when we did the Responsive Branding Training with Emir Ayouni I was thrilled when he shared how he created factories, warehouses, and other building in Adobe Illustrator.

Check out the video below to see the simple way Emir creates these amazing vector illustrations and logos.

Pretty cool, right?

If you dig this technique you can see 17 videos, 2 webinars, and much more packed with these kinds of cool tricks, tips, and techniques.

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Can't watch the video? Here's what's covered

Step 1. Activate the Perspective grid tool

The Perspective Grid Tool can be accessed through your Tool Bar menu on the left-hand side, or by tapping Shift+P on your keyboard. Once you have it selected, click on your art board to activate.

Step 2. Select the side of the grid that you would like to use

The Perspecitve Grid Tool is controlled by a remote that appears on the top left hand side of your screen. You can also use the numbers on your keyboard which corresponds to the side you would like to use.

💡 TIP: In Adobe programs you can hover over the tool you would like to use to see what hotkeys correspond to each tool.

Step 3. Use the Perspective Selection Tool

The Perspective Selection Tool can be accessed through your Tool Bar menu, or by tapping Shift+V on your keyboard. With the Perspective Selection Tool, any of your shapes can be moved and transformed along the side of the grid that is currently active.

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Emir Ayouni is the owner of Growcase and affiliated with The Forefathers Group™, a global design studio franchised in Tulsa, New Jersey & Gothenburg.

Emir's love of illustration and design started as a kid and soon developed into impressive design career.

You can see more of Emir's work on his Dribbble page and follow his on Instagarm @growcase.

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