Customer Work: August 2022

Customer Work: August 2022

Every day we see inspiring art created with RetroSupply brushes and digital products on our Instagram feed. Here are a few killer pieces from graphic artists in August made using tools from RetroSupply.

Want a chance to have your work featured on the RetroSupply Instagram account? Tag us in your post and let us know which products you used in your work!

Chris Piascik

Chris is an illustrator, lettering artist, and animator. Lately, Chris has been tagging us with some incredible work created using our Risograph brush set. Below is a piece created for Nickelodeon. See a quick tutorial on how he created the piece on his Instagram.

Christopher Sperandio

In preparation for a new semester, artist, writer, and professor Christopher Sperandio experimented with French Paper to show how different paper colors impact Risograph printing.

Christopher is using his popular fonts TOOM and Werewolf in these pieces. Both fonts are available in the RetroSupply shop! Grab TOOM for basic comic book lettering and expand your options with the Vintage Comic Four Pack for even more options!


We don't know much about Shaka (the Instagram bio is pretty sparse.) Still, we like what we're seeing with the Ramen Brush, paper textures, and halftones from our ColorLab comic pack.

Ed Vill

Ed Vill is a self-taught illustrator and designer based out of Mexico City. His style is heavily influenced by mid-century design, cartoons, and rock n' roll. Ed's work has been featured in galleries and publications worldwide, and he has worked with some of the biggest brands in the business.

When he's not drawing or designing, Ed can be found playing bass guitar with his band or teaching aspiring artists through his Domestika courses and live workshops.

Ed's go-to RetroSupply products include ColorLab, DupliTone, Lo-Fi Grain & Noise Brushes, and Phantom Paper.

Sarah Sumeray

Sarah Sumeray is a multidisciplinary artist working in voiceover acting, writing, and illustration. Her studio, This is Fun, Isn't It. creates vibrant tongue-in-cheek art that created a bridge between vintage comics and modern illustration.

Sarah masterfully uses the freshly updated ColorLab comic pack for much of her illustration work with magical imperfections added with our Edge & Fold Distressor packs.

Snorri Eldjárn

We're drooling over this national park poster design by Snorri Eldjárn using our Gouache Shader Brushes. ⁠

Want to deep dive into how to get elaborate shading effects with our Gouache shaders in Adobe Illustrator? Check out the in-depth training we offer from Adam Grason.


Inspiration is all around us on social media, and it can help you get a better idea of how to use tools that you might already have in your arsenal. Many artists, like Chris Piascik and Ed Vill, are happy to share their process with their audience so you can learn as you make some killer art yourself.

Do you have some awesome art to show us? Make sure that you're tagging us @retrosupply on Instagram so we can see what you make!

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