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About Our Brushes

As an official Affinity flagship shop, RetroSupply is proud to offer an incredible selection of Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo brushes to take your work to the next level– and beyond.

RetroSupply's team of full-time designers have spent years sourcing and digitizing vintage halftones, engravings, and textures of yesteryear, strategically packaging them into killer Affinity Bundles and and brush packs to make all your future projects that much easier.

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Affinity Designer Brushes

From gooey, gunky Broken Inkers to the Complete Collection of Affinity Brushes, RetroSupply is your one-stop Affinity brush-shop to build the best digital toolbox you’ve ever had.

Brush Bundles

When you want to bring a variety of analog touches to your digital work in Affinity Designer, you go with a brush bundle. The Essential Affinity Designer brushes bundle gives you 16 of our best-selling gouache, charcoals, engravers, Drawing persona, Pixel Persona brushes, and, well, hundreds of more brushes for limitless illustration design options.

A big package of small touches, the Lo-Fi Grain and Noise Affinity brush pack will be your new go-to pack for high-resolution retro textures and overlays that pack a punch. If vector-based drawings are your jam, the Vector Brush Toolbox is filled with five of our best-selling vector brushes sure to blow you away.

Affinity Designer Brush Packs

Listen, our brush bundles are great, but have you seen these Affinity Designer brushes? Just look at the Gouache Shader Brushes, a crazy good pack of Mary Blair-inspired grainy paint gouache textures perfect for creating fairytale ending illustrations. Or, take a ride on the dark side with the Grave Etcher Engraving Brushes for Affinity Designer, a deadly pack of vintage-style engraving brushes so good you’ll have clients and colleagues convinced your soul to the Devil for your newfound illustration skills.

Take a walk on the wild side with the refreshingly vibrant Bug Lab texture brushes. A truly incredible collection of texture stamps and pencil brushes, this pack is our ode to childhood and designed by the one and only Brad Woodard of Brave the Woods.

If historical commercial art is more your thing, the InkWash Vector Ink and Water Affinity Designer brushes are the simple, ready-to-use watercolor, ink, and wash texture brushes aspiring and professional illustrators alike can turn to when they want to add that classic mid-century watercolor look to their work.

Affinity Photo Brushes

While all Affinity Photo brushes are also compatible with Affinity Designer, not all Affinity Designer brushes are compatible with Affinity Photo. For this reason, we’ve put together a little cheat sheet of all the Affinity brushes currently available for Affinity Photo.

Horrific Halftones

A remarkable collection of well-organized Pixel Persona and pressure-sensitive halftone Affinity brushes for mouse and tablets.

Broken Inkers

A realistically inky collection of Affinity brushes sourced from the goopiest, dryest broken pens we could find. Use these broken inkers to complement your comic books, cartoons, hand lettering, and more.

Retro Grain

Our most highly recommended, 5-star rated Affinity brush pack, the retro-inspired Grain Shader brushes are sourced from old brushes, archival textures, acrylics, inks, and papers ideal for adding lots of detail to even the simplest of illustrations.

Lo-Fi Grain

The Lo-Fi Subtle Grain & Noise Affinity Photo brushes are the easiest way to achieve warm analog textures and noise, delivering classic paper and ink textures to your work in one easy-to-navigate brush pack.

Glitch Effects

With 56 textures, 54 Affinity brushes, and 3 templates, the Glitch Effects pack makes adding all the glitchy goodness you could want to any piece of work easy peasy.

Industry Press

The Industry Press Affinity brush pack makes it easy to add intricate, late 19th-century cross hatching and line work to your illustrations.

Bug Lab

A collection of 48 raster texture stamp Affinity brushes sourced right from Mother Nature herself, the Bug Lab texture brush pack by Brad Woodward is a real breath of fresh air.

Standard Pens

From liners and brush pens to ballpoint and fountain pens, the Standard Pens pack is your heavy lifting, all-purpose secret weapon for creating professional-looking illustrations filled with all the inky goodness of the Sunday paper.

Whether you’re on the hunt for realistic vintage grain and noise textures or comic halftones used by professional illustrators, or the most realistic digital chalk brushes this side of the Mississippi, RetroSupply has the Affinity Designer brushes and Photo brushes you need to create the authentic vintage illustrations you won’t believe were possible. Your only regret will be not finding them sooner. Shop today!