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Incorporating vintage and retro textures you love into your work is simple, thanks to RetroSupply's Photoshop textures. Why? Because we've done most of the work for you.

We rolled up our sleeves and dug through the deepest corners of old Gramp's garage, attic and junk drawers, spent hundred's of hours junkin', and went to countless garage sales to find the retro relics that get our traditionalist nerve endings tingling.

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Tips, Tricks, and Trends


We'll walk you through how to start drawing retro art digitally so you can start creating unique pieces of work with the hand-sourced vintage tools designed to make the entire process a walk in the park.

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In this blog post, we will be going over how to change the paper color in Photoshop in a few simple steps.

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We thought it would be helpful to share with you one of our unconventional methods for making our products and show you how to make textures in Photoshop using stuff in your kitchen!

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RetroSupply Photoshop Textures

Hundreds of hours of manual labor and an unhealthy amount of mothball inhalation later, we’ve digitized the relics of yesteryear and transformed them into over 40 grunge, grain, paint, pencil and wood texture Photoshop Actions and brush packs.

With our brush packs and Bundle Kits you’ll get easy-to-follow Templates, filters, actions and more to create the gritty, wood, subtle and weathered textures for Photoshop shop that'll add only the right amount of neglect and natural aging can create

Photoshop Texture Bundle Packs

RetroSupply Photoshop Textures Bundle packs make it easy to get all of your favorite textures in one place. With the Complete Collection for Photoshop you get all of the Photoshop textures and actions we’ve ever created. The Essential Photoshop Brush Bundle is pretty impressive, too, featuring 300+ brushes from ten of our best-selling texture Photoshop brush packs like Turbo Textures, Analog Ink Foundry, IndustryPress and all the grain texture Photoshop brushes you can get your hands on.

For the ultimate retro print pack featuring an endless combination of unique Mid-Century effects and actions, look no further than the Mid-Century Print Pack.

Photoshop Texture Action Packs

Photoshop textures action packs are the time-saving tools that make it easy to create authentic works of art with rich effects and textures of vintage ink, wood letterpress, roughened edges, photo processing, vintage fades, and more. With these Photoshop texture packs, you’ll get access to easy-follow tutorials and directions to easily use brushes and apply textures where you want them and fast.  

If old-timey photos are more your thing, you’ll love the RetroLab. Check out our full line of Photoshop texture action packs for more killer effects and tools to bring your digital art to life faster than a hot knife through butter.

More Photoshop Textures by RetroSupply

Welcome to the treasure trove of insanely helpful texture brushes for your art. If you’re looking for a glitchin’ good time, the RetroGlitch pack delivers hi-res glitch effects and overlays you’d experience when trying to work Grandma’s Sony TV from the 70s.

No matter if you’re on the prowl for Mid-Century wood, wood block, and letterpress textures, t-shirt design brushes, or the best texture brushes for screen printing, RetroSupply is truly your one-stop shop for all the vintage Photoshop textures you could want, in the brush packs and bundles that make it easy to achieve the look you’re after. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself with the magic of warm analog grain Photoshop texture pack Lo-Fi Subtle Grain and Noise Brushes bring.

You’ll be blown away by the pulverized look you’ll achieve with our Edge & Fold Distresor Brushes, or by the memories that come flooding back from your days as an intern with the Photocopy Hate Machine pack. Bring old fisherman’s stories to life with Weathered Mock-Ups.

RetroSupply Collaborations & Guest Artists

At RetroSupply, we love to work with insanely talented artists to create easy-to-use and just plain awesome Photoshop textures, brushes, and bundle packs for artists and illustrators of every discipline. Create your best work ever, knowing you’re using the same tools that professionals like Von Glitschka and Brave the Woods helped create.

Get in the groove with Von Glitschka’s Awesomely Organic Texture Bus, a collection of diverse Photoshop texture brushes actually created from a 1960s hippie bus (far out, man). Or, step off the bus and into nature with Brave The Woods Bug Lab nature texture stamp and pencil brushes designed to spark your child-like imagination. With it, you’ll also get an amazing behind-the-scenes narration from Brad Woodward himself, so you can see the mind behind the magic with your own eyes.

RetroSupply Product Tutorials

We could sell you all the tools to build your digital art empire, but we think you'll have more luck if we show you how to use ‘em, too. That’s why at RetroSupply, we supply you with the tools and Free Tutorials that teach you tricks of the trade when using our products like comic book, vintage mock-up and paint texture Photoshop brushes. You can also catch us on Instagram @retrosupply, where real graphic designers and artists show you their favorite ways to use our products.