The Best Procreate Brushes to Download

December 10, 2018 1 Comment

The Best Procreate Brushes to Download

If you’re looking for some great new Procreate brushes to download for your library, youre in the right place. We’ve put together this handy guide, walking through the best Procreate brushes out there right now – and including both free and paid for options.

Whether you need brushes for painting, sketching, lettering or more, we’ve got you covered.

The Procreate brushes in this list are our favorite, go-to options. They’re the ones we turn to, first, every time. Some of them were handcrafted by us; others are the handiwork of a host of talented artists and illustrators. All of them are terrific, top-quality tools that will speed up your workflow and boost your creativity.

Read on for our pick of the best paid-for and free Procreate brushes right now…


01. Mid-Century Procreate Brush pack

 Mid-Century Procreate Brush pack

Cost: $12 (was $19)
Designer: RetroSupply

If you’re looking to create mid-century illustrations and cartoons, our 15-brush Procreate pack has you covered. Included are gouache, ink, pencil, pen, halftone and grain Procreate brushes – everything you need to quickly recreate a wide range of mid-century-style illustrations, from vintage children’s books and 1960s advertising through to quirky retro art and more.


02. Drunk Sailor Stippling Brushes

Drunk Sailor Stippling Brushes for ProcreateCost: $15 
Designer: RetroSupply
For perfect stippling and shading effects in Procreate, our go-to pack is Drunk Sailor - 73 stippling brushes, plus 24 shader, 24 fixed and 15 detail stippling brushes, and more. 




03. Comic Ink Free Procreate brush set

Free Comic Ink brush set for ProcreateCost: Free 
Designer: Georg’s brushes 
There are more than 16 Procreate brushes for inking and social effects in this pack from Georg’s brushes. They’re all free – although you’re invited to make a donation. 


04. Revelation Halftones: 48 Procreate brushes

 RetroSupply: Revelation Halftones Procreate Brushes

Cost: $15 
Designer: RetroSupply

Halftones can be a real pain to create. But they look awesome, so we created this pack of 48 halftone Procreate brushes to make it super-easy to add halftone textures to your illustrations – so you can spend more time on the actual design. You get both smooth-edged and gritty brushes, as well as easy-to-follow instructions for installing them. These are a serious time-saver for anyone who needs to work with halftones in Procreate.


05. Lettering Procreate Brush Set

Lettering Procreate brush setCost: Free 
Designer: Abbie Nurse 
These awesome lettering brushes for Procreate span everything from woodcut and shrub effects through to a Halloween worm brush. They’re great! And they’re free. 




06. The Procreate Print Pack

The Procreate Print PackCost: $19 
Designer: Uproot 
There are four different Procreate brush packs in this brilliant collection: Printed Ink; Mid-Century Geometric Shape Stamps; Lino Cut Brushes; and a Print Paper Texture Brush Pack. Big fans.


07. Procreate Expression

 Procreate Expression

Cost: $0.99
Designer: DaubBrushes

We love this set of acrylics, oils, washes and dry media. There are 166 tools in this Procreate brush pack - all of which will add depth and character to your designs. All textures and nibs have been created from real media, and they’re fine-tuned for Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. If you’re looking for a realistic painterly feel, you can’t go wrong with this pack. 


08. Cross-Country Crosshatchers

Cross-Country Crosshatches for ProcreateCost: $15 
Designer: RetroSupply
Add shade, depth and texture to your images with our pack of 96 cross-hatching Procreate brushes. Yes, 96. That’s everything you need (and more) to create perfect cross-hatching in seconds. 


09. Grain Brushes for Procreate

Procreate Grain BrushesCost: Free 
Designer: MiksKS 
Add a grunge effect to your illustrations with these 12 free Procreate brushes from the Pixelbuddha website. (Note: you’ll need to subscribe to get them for free.) 


10. Essential Procreate Brush Bundle

 I Want All The Procreate Brushes Bundle

Cost: $39 (was $49)
Designer: RetroSupply

Our best recommendation? Our essential Procreate brush bundle gives you five of our best Procreate brush packs – that’s over 300 brushes – for almost half the normal price (it’s a huge 48% discount). So what do you get? 

If your Procreate Brush library needs a quick injection of quality tools, covering a wide range of styles, then this is it. Enjoy!


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